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The Budget-Minded Traveler is up for a Podcast Award!

That's right! We made it into the top ten finalists for Best Travel Podcast for this year's Podcast Awards. What can you do to help? Head over to and vote for The Budget-Minded Traveler Podcast every single day for three weeks starting March 3rd. Be sure to follow me on Facebook for voting reminders, and thank you so much for your support! No matter the outcome, this is huge for us!

BMT 042: Work with Sea Turtles in Baja California Sur with RED Travel Mexico

Work with Sea Turtles in Baja

It’s so much more than working with sea turtles. I just returned from an incredible week exploring Baja California Sur, during which we stayed at RED Travel Mexico’s camp in Magdalena Bay for a night. The location of this camp is in the middle of nowhere, accessible only by unmarked dirt roads and boats. The effort these guys have put in to build their camp is incredible. It is a magical place that works in the name of connecting and educating people for sea turtle conservation. Join me on an adventure to this camp as I interview RED Travel Mexico’s founder Luis Garduño.

Read more

Best Fish Taco Truck in Baja – Hermanos Gonzales in La Paz (VIDEO)

It was love at first taste. I’ve had a lot of fish tacos in my short lifetime, but the ones from Hermanos Gonzales, I dare say, are my favorite.

During our stay in Baja in 2014, Nate and I ventured to La Paz for a weekend of fun in the sun and came across Hermanos Gonzales for the first time. We were only in La Paz three short days, and we became frequent visitors of the taco truck very quickly.  Read more

BMT 041: How Two 40-Somethings are Traveling the World for a Year on the Cheap with Evo Terra & Sheila Dee

Traveling the World for a Year with Evo and Sheila

Two self-proclaimed “digital nomads” sold everything to travel the world for a year. Find out how Evo Terra and Sheila Dee from The Opportunistic Travelers are doing it on the cheap. Very cheap.

In January of 2015, Evo Terra and Sheila Dee left the “default” lifestyle behind to adopt the digital nomad lifestyle and literally travel the world, experiencing places less traveled, meeting people, and having adventures. They call their style of roaming the world “opportunistic” traveling. It’s not for everyone, to be sure. In lieu of being independently wealthy, they’ve sold off literally everything they own to build up the runway to afford this excursion. Save a few personal effects that simply can’t be replaced, they cashed out on The Stuff accumulated in over two decades as a couple. TVs, furniture, Sheila’s car, Evo’s bass guitars… If it won’t fit in either of their single suitcases or laptop bags, it’s not traveling with them. Read more

BMT 040: Follow Your Traveling Heart with Nicole Dreon

Nicole Dreon

When Nicole Dreon had a work contract that took her to France and left her journey open-ended, she decided to follow her heart and go to Africa on a mission to write about female athletes. The way things fell into place when she got there is unbelievable, yet it’s just one of the many examples she shares in this episode about how she has leveraged her passion for travel to find her mission in life. Her experience and passion for travel and inspiring other women to travel has led her to start a company called She Guides, which connects women travelers with local women guides, a scenario where everybody wins. Listen to this episode to hear about Nicole’s journey and mission going forward. Read more

Solo vs Couple Travel: Advice for Traveling with Your Partner

I can enjoy traveling solo on the right occasion. I did it for 5 years, in between boyfriends and travel buddies, because I had to. I wouldn’t let going alone stop me from taking the trips I needed to take.

For me, that started with two years of study abroad in Costa Rica and Italy during college, meeting friends locally after I got there. After graduation, I rewarded myself with three months backpacking through Central America, starting the trip with a friend and then meeting others along the way.

It was on that trip I learned that you’re never really alone when you’re traveling solo, or that you would really need to make an effort to stay alone if your purpose was to be alone. Travelers are naturally drawn to other travelers, like dogs in a dog park, you just can’t help but make friends. Read more