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  • Finding Cheap Flights

    Tips and tricks on when to fly, when to buy, where to search, how to compare, and what a good deal looks like. Read more

  • Booking Hotels & Hostels

    The best hostel website, the best cheap hotel website, and everything you need to know about CouchSurfing. Read More

  • Using Your iPhone Overseas

    WiFi, airplane mode, data, SIM cards, freezing your account, travel apps, it's all here in organized fashion. Read More

  • Packing List for Europe

    Complete packing list (females) for two weeks in Europe in the fall, in just a 30L backpack. Read More

Ryanair Baggage Restrictions Have Eased Up for 2015

The last time I flew Ryanair in 2013, I scrambled to fit my purse inside my backpack for my flights, as Ryanair only allowed one cabin bag total. As a group of four, we checked one backpack that we stuffed some extra things into and split the cost (because it’s expensive to check bags on Ryanair), and we managed to carry on the rest of our stuff.

The common scenes at the airport gates those days were people packing and repacking their bags to make everything fit or be under the maximum weight, or getting charged last minute to check bags, or bags packed full to the brim with sweatshirts and shoes (and anything else that didn’t fit inside) hanging off the outsides. Flying Ryanair was cheap, until they potentially blind-sided travelers with baggage costs, which made the entire endeavor a bit stressful. Those days, thankfully, are over (for now). Read more

5 Packing Tips for Traveling Women

Let’s face it, we all have to pack our bags when we travel, and this can be quite a difficult task for women with so many choices of clothing and shoes. Packing is an art in itself; packing light is a ninja skill. Finding my inner packing ninja has been a welcomed challenge time and time again, and I’ve mastered it. Here are five tips to start you on your way to becoming a packing ninja yourself. Read more

6 Tips for Using Budget Airlines to Get In and Around Europe

Have you ever been planning a trip and found yourself frustrated at the seemingly outrageous prices of flights? As a budget-minded traveler, it happens to me all the time. This spring I needed to find flights from Bozeman, Montana to Europe (specifically Spain) and back, and I was hoping to pay less than $1,000 for them. Unfortunately, flights from Bozeman to Barcelona cost upwards of $1,300 alone, not counting getting to explore Portugal like we wanted to or getting to another conference we had coming up in Las Vegas. Now we had a choice: we could surrender to high prices, or we could get creative. In the end, we got from Bozeman to the conference in Las Vegas to see friends in San Francisco to Stockholm, Sweden, to Portugal, to Spain, and all the way back to Bozeman for around $1,100. How did we do this? By putting our efforts (a lot of effort) into researching and taking advantage of budget airlines, both in the US and in Europe.

Read more

BMT 047: How to Access Money Overseas: Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Cash, Exchange Rates and More

How to Access Money Overseas

The best ways to access your money overseas and how to save money on that in the process. Specific tips on how to use ATMs abroad, the best ATM card for travel, how to make sure you get the right exchange every time, what to look for in travel credit cards, how to handle cash abroad, how to order foreign currency from your bank, how to exchange leftover foreign currency, which credit cards are accepted overseas, why you should forget traveler’s checks, and two important tips to remember above all else when it comes to money abroad.

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BMT 046: What You Can Gain From Traveling the World with Ladan Jiracek

There is no one better to talk to about what you can gain from traveling the world than someone who has literally been doing it for his entire life. Ladan Jiracek joins us today to explore the things we can learn from living a travel lifestyle, pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zones, and even picking up multiple languages along the way. This episode is an inspirational journey that will leave you wanting to get on a plane, learn a language, or even make a lifestyle change. Read more

How to Avoid Fees with Credit Cards Overseas

I am a huge believer in credit cards, not to max them out or abuse them in any way (let’s be smart, people), but to take advantage of the bonuses, rewards, cash back, and other benefits. If you’re going to be spending the money, you might as well be earning something back while you’re at it, right? I currently use the Chase United Mileage Plus Explorer Visa, my go-to travel credit card, and the Chase Freedom Visa, my go-to card for everything else. The reasons are in the rewards, but that subject is for another day.

There are several cards that compete nicely with each other to earn a spot in your wallet, especially as you travel internationally. What I want to make clear today is one single point, one thing to look for when figuring out which credit card you should use when you travel abroad, one thing that is essential in a travel credit card: Read more

How to Set Up a Charles Schwab Bank Account and Avoid ATM Fees Anywhere

If I were to add up the amount of money I have spent over the last decade of travel on ATM fees alone, I would probably want to kick myself. My bank charges me $5 every time I use a foreign ATM. Every. Single. Time. Because of that, I have gotten into the habit of taking out as much cash as I am allowed when I visit an ATM overseas, simply to avoid paying the fees over and over again. I take out the most allowed, then it lasts me longer and I pay less in the end.

This is not a fool proof plan, and it often leaves me with money leftover, or having to spend $5 just to take out the exact amount I’ll need for one more night somewhere. Or how about that time that I couldn’t do the math and ended up spending $5 to pull a grand total of about $8 out of an ATM, only to have to go back and spend $5 more just to get the amount I originally wanted. Yeah, that happened. So, in an effort to stop the madness, I finally decided to open a Charles Schwab bank account. Read more