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Brussels City Guide for Budget-Minded Travelers

Brussels is an eclectic city where French meets Dutch. Even the street signs are in both languages. It is the administrative capital of the European Union, home to a wealth of fabulous architecture, from Neo Gothic to Art Nouveau, with trendy shops, an impressive cafe culture, and an amazing city centre which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Add to that over 80 museums and some fantastic must-try foods, Brussels certainly has something for every traveler. Much like Paris, it’s one of those cities that comes alive at night and could even be said to be more beautiful after dark.  Read more

Sleep Under the Canadian Stars: Yurt Glamping in Quebec

Hotel: Yurts by Imago Village

Location: About 45 minutes north of the town Chicoutimi, Saguenay, province of Quebec, Canada. Saguenay is known for its fjord and plethora of adventure activities.

First impressions: This place is remote! The nearest town, Saint-David-de-Falardeau, is about 25 minutes away, and in the summertime when the ski resort is closed, no one is around! This was not a problem, though. The yurt village was cozy, private, and breathtakingly beautiful. Read more

6 Things to EAT Next Time You’re in Kosovo

Looking back at my 9-month trip around the world, I can honestly say that besides Italy (obviously), Kosovo cuisine was my favorite. What! Where even IS Kosovo? What is Kosovo like? Who talks about Kosovo?

Kosovo has only been an independent country for eight years, and apparently it’s still very much a hidden gem. It is nestled between Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, and Macedonia, in a place called “The Balkans.” No, not the Baltics, that’s way up north. We’re talking about Southeastern Europe, the area directly north of Greece, west of Turkey and the Black Sea.

Why Kosovo Cuisine is the Best

Because of its geographical location, this entire region has seen a plethora of cultural influences over the years. The area that is present-day Kosovo used to be part of the Ottoman Empire, Italian-occupied Albania, Nazi Germany, Serbia, Montenegro, Yugoslavia, and Albania. One of the greatest results of this turbulent path is an incredible marriage of western and eastern cuisine. Read more

New Zealand Working Holiday Visa Over 30 Years Old

There are countless ways to live abroad. Some people sell all their belongings, save up a ton of money, and backpack around affordable countries for a few months or years at a time. Others teach English in Taiwan, South Korea, Spain, Italy, Georgia – anywhere people want to learn the language. Others work for their companies’ foreign offices in London or Paris. Or they run their own online business from the beaches of Nicaragua or the Philippines.

For those of us who still need to find a job even if we move overseas, there are many countries that provide working holiday visas. These special visas allow people to work legally in the country that granted them the visa for a certain amount of time with just a few guidelines. These guidelines may include the types of jobs available to foreign workers, the allowable length of stay, or age restrictions. These visas are usually reserved for 18-30 year olds, but, there is one for people up to 35. Read more

Toronto City Guide for Budget-Minded Travelers

If you’re looking for a fun, hip and vibrant city to visit, consider a trip to Toronto, Canada. Toronto, the fourth largest city in North America, is the capital of Ontario and Canada’s largest city, but don’t let its size deter you. Toronto is set over a grid of streets, and its extensive and easy-to-maneuver metro system makes getting around a breeze. Plus, most of the main attractions are located in the downtown area.

Toronto is known for many things, from a crack-smoking past Mayor to being home to the tallest tower in the West, but its biggest claim to fame is that it is the most multicultural city in the world. Home to over 200 distinct ethnic groups, with over 140 languages spoken, half of Toronto’s population was actually born outside of Canada. With a wide array of cultural neighbourhoods, from Little Italy to Chinatown and Koreatown to Little Malta, Toronto is a one stop fix for a dose of culture. It truly is a world within a city. Read more