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That's right! We made it into the top ten finalists for Best Travel Podcast for this year's Podcast Awards. What can you do to help? Head over to and vote for The Budget-Minded Traveler Podcast every single day for two weeks starting March 3rd. Be sure to follow me on Facebook and subscribe on YouTube for fun video updates and voting reminders, and thank you so much for your support! No matter the outcome, this is huge for us!

BMT 038: Enrolling in a Foreign University with Hayley Swinson

Enrolling in a Foreign University

Have you ever considered skipping the traditional study abroad structure and enrolling straight into a foreign university? Hayley Swinson decided she wanted to study abroad again after college and that she didn’t need a structured program to help her do it. Instead, she took it upon herself to apply at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, get accepted, secure her student visa, find housing, and essentially create her own study abroad experience according to her interests. She received a Masters in Creative Writing from the University of Edinburgh at the end of 2014 and is here to share about her experience, challenges, costs, surprises along the way, and of course, offer advice for others considering the same thing. Read more

21 Budget Travel Tips That WILL Save You Money On The Road

We work so hard to save money for a trip, and as budget-minded travelers, we also want to make sure our dollars stretch as far as possible once we are on that trip. This ultimate list of 21 budget travel tips and extra resources will help you do just that, no matter where in the world you are headed. Read more

Why You Should Volunteer with Elephants in Thailand, Not Ride Them

Feature by Kodee Cloninger, world traveler and BMT Ambassador.

I recently got to check off one of the top things on my bucket list: Volunteering with Elephants in Thailand. Voluntourism is travel that includes volunteering for a charitable cause, and participants generally pay the host organization to be a volunteer. This is growing industry all across the world, but as someone who works with volunteers in a professional capacity, I had a hard time wanting to pay for my own elephant volunteer experience. Now that I’ve done it, however, I can tell you it was worth every cent. Read more

BMT 037: Story Time: Travel’s Priceless Moments

Travel's Priceless Moments

We often talk about the cost of travel, but today we dig into the real value of the experience. These are stories about the priceless moments that can only come from traveling the world. I go back more than ten years to bring you four travel stories of encounters I’ve had that were unexpected and at the same time taught me a huge lesson. Grab your tea or coffee and get comfortable, and enjoy as I take you around the world through these real, invaluable moments.

  Read more

6 Tips for Staying Fit on the Road

Feature by Emily McLaren, travel and fitness blogger @BordersBurpees and

Many of us can relate to this common and unfortunate truth: the more miles we clock up, the more pounds we pile on. It can be tricky to keep the waistline at bay on the road. Traveling, therefore, is both our friend and foe – we fall in love with the different cultures, places and experiences, but we also fall in love with the delicious food!

We’ve all been there – even after only a short week away, our post-vacation clothes feel just a bit more snug. “I’m on vacation” is a great excuse that we tell ourselves as we tuck into our third serving of food at the buffet breakfast, or as we sip sweet cocktails all day by the pool. Read more

How to Catch Your Fish and Eat It, Too in Bocas Del Toro, Panama

I love fishing. I have a little red canoe that my husband and I take out for summertime trout fishing in Montana. The problem is, the trout we catch (and release) are usually less than 10 inches long. Sometimes we get lucky with a 15-20 inch walleye or two, and those are the ones we take home for dinner. The best days are the days that we have something to show for spending hours on the water, and while the walleye in our mountain lakes are nice, I can’t help but think sometimes about what it would be like to catch a huge fish from the ocean. Read more

How I Conquered My Fear of Water by Snorkeling in Key West (Yahoo! Travel Feature)

This feature was originally written for and published on Yahoo! Travel

by Jackie Laulainen – February 6, 2015

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“Do one thing every day that scares you.” This advice, commonly attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt, inspires bravery, ambition, and confidence, daring its audience to take a leap of faith. How often, though, are we actually given the chance — or seek out the opportunity — to do something that scares us? How often do we willingly step outside our comfort zones?

My mom and I recently took a girls’ trip to Key West, Florida. I’m not sure what we were thinking when we packed our schedule full of water activities.

I hate water. Read more