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Buy a Versatile Travel Dress, Send Children to School in Madagascar: The Kameleon

Does wearing something in 52 ways excite you? What if knowing that buying it also helps children in Madagascar go to school? I’m talking about the Kameleon, a dress that you can wear in 52 ways (and counting). As a female traveler who loves to pack light, the Kameleon seemed like an ideal addition to my travel wardrobe. I recently took it on my sailing trip to Croatia and found many uses for it in the mediterranean summer climate.  Read more

A Cozy Hideaway in East Glacier Park, Montana: Brownies Hostel


Brownies Hostel & Bakery (a Hosteling International USA property)


East Glacier Park, Montana, just 8 miles from the Two Medicine entrance and 30 miles from the St. Mary entrance to Glacier National Park.

First Impressions:

The aroma of the bakery from the parking lot would have been enough to lure us in even if we weren’t already heading there. Read more

Dubrovnik to Split: Sailing Croatia with Busabout

This summer, I got to spend a week sailing the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia with Busabout. They offer three itinerary options for sailing in Croatia (at affordable prices!): the Croatia Island Hopper (which starts and ends in Split), and two one-way sails, from Split to Dubrovnik, and Dubrovnik* to Split. They are all 8-day trips that go to almost all the same places, so choosing one over the other is more a matter of convenience for where you want to start and end up, rather than trying to figure out which itinerary has the best stops. My trip was the Croatia Island Hopper, and this post is an overview of the second half of our tour: Dubrovnik to Split. Check out the first half: my recap of Split to Dubrvonik.

*If you opt to start your trip in Dubrovnik, be sure you give yourself enough time to do the city wall walk and enjoy the sights before rushing off on your boat. Even with crowds of people in the height of summer, our day in Dubrovnik was still my favorite day of the week.

Leaving beautiful and bustling Dubrovnik behind, we headed north for Korčula and Makarska, Read more

Split to Dubrovnik: Sailing Croatia with Busabout

Sailing up the coast of Croatia has been on my bucket list for years. I wasn’t even sure it was something I could ever afford, but in my head, I had firmly decided that’s how I wanted to see Croatia. Then, in the summer of 2015, I learned about a tour company that actually offers tours that travelers like me can afford. Yes, budget-minded travelers, who travel independently, who prioritize saving money, can actually afford to pay someone else to plan a trip. In my opinion, this is unprecedented. Never have I considered tour prices to be truly budget friendly, until now. As you might guess, the trip I chose was the Croatia Island Hopper sail, and that company I discovered is Busabout. Read more

10 Reasons to Visit Banff Lake Louise This Winter

In September of 2014, I went to Banff, Alberta for the first time, and I fell in love at first sight. I had high expectations based on what others had told me about the area, and those expectations were still blown away. When my family decided to make Banff our ski trip destination for the spring of 2015, I couldn’t possibly pass it up. I knew it would be a completely different experience from going in the summertime, and I was anxious to see what winter in Banff Lake Louise had to offer. Once again: Mind. Blown.

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Aside from the bonus reason that our US dollar is stronger than the Canadian dollar at the moment, here are 10 things that might inspire you to travel to Banff, Alberta this winter: Read more