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The E-Book is Coming!

I'm excited to announce the launch of the e-version of The Aspiring Traveler's Handbook, available on Amazon in a matter of days! Now you can take it with you on the road on any device that can support the free Kindle app!

Banff Lake Louise, Canada

Canada: Where cattle guards are called “Texas Gates,” one and two dollar coins are referred to as loonies and toonies, and rest stops along the highway might as well be provincial parks because of their ridiculously beautiful views. At least that’s how British Columbia rolls.

I had high expectations for Banff Lake Louise, as I had heard only good things about its beauty, but even with those high expectations I was blown away. That John Denver was certainly NOT full of shit. Those Canadian Rockies are the most jagged, hostile peaks I’ve ever seen. Topped with glaciers, dotted with alpine lakes, and reaching farther than the eye can see, they certainly demand the reputation they carry.

The decision to take the trip was rather spontaneous, as we had a wedding to attend in Seattle and four days to get there. This became our “Why not?” trip, and WOW, so happy about that decision.

The entire Banff Lake Louise area is one that needs to be seen, not simply spoken or written about. Do yourself a favor and put it on your bucket list right now, and then continue reading, there are some amazing photos ahead, and I’m going to “write” this post with them.

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Get Up From Your Desk Job and Go Travel with Matt Wilson from Under30Experiences

Under 30 Experiences

Matt Wilson from Under30Experiences shares his story about pushing his desk job aside to travel the world. The good part? YOU can travel with him on tours with his company Under30Experiences. They focus on making travel more fun, stress-free, and accessible to young people, believing that our generation needs to see the world in order to understand it. 

Matt Wilson is Adventurer in Residence at the travel community Under30Experiences. After sitting behind his desk for way too long running his first startup Under30CEO.com, Matt knew that thousands of other young people needed to get the experience of travel. It was time to give other’s the opportunity to see the world. Matt went on to spend the next two and a half years scouting locations abroad and exploring the world from Costa Rica and Nicaragua, to Machu Picchu and Bali. Read more

The EBOOK is Coming!

That’s right, to celebrate the one-year anniversary of publishing The Aspiring Traveler’s Handbook, I am launching the EBOOK! I have been working hard to create this travel-convenient version for you so you can take it on the road without having to pack the paperback. Hundreds of people have already made their travel dreams a reality because of the print version of this book, and by the end of September it will be available on Kindle! No Kindle? No problem, the Kindle App is free for any device.

The ebook will be available on Amazon and is going to be sold for just $9.99.

Now, on that note, I have a proposition and an opportunity for YOU, dear reader.  Read more

BMT 019 : New Zealand Working Holiday Visa with Katie Wert

New Zealand Working Holiday Visa

The Working Holiday Visa option in New Zealand is an incredible opportunity for travelers under 30 years old to work and spend a significant amount of time in the country. In an interview with Katie Wert, who took a break from colllege to travel the world and figure out her life, we find out the details around securing a New Zealand Working Holiday Visa. Katie describes the application process, what to expect, and how to find work, a car, and a place to live after you are approved for the visa.

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BMT 018 : Planes, Trains, and Automobiles – Travel Logistics Overseas

Travel Logistics Overseas

There are so many options for how to get around once you’re abroad, and there are even more questions surrounding the subject. This episode will shed some light on what to expect when you are traveling overseas, in both general and specific terms for trains, planes, cars, bikes, hitchhiking, buses, boats, and taxis. Figuring out travel logistics can be frustrating, but it is all part of the journey!

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