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Introducing Pre-Planned Travel Itineraries

Are you interested in following me on my journeys? Here’s a way to do it almost literally. I am happy to introduce my customized itineraries, where you can take the same trip or a suggested route of the places I’ve been. These detailed travel itineraries have recommended routes and lengths, lodging, food, activities, transportation, and some practical tips customized for each destination and country. Forget the bulky guidebooks, pick up an itinerary you can actually use!

When you’re following an itinerary made by The Budget-Minded Traveler, you know your trip will be fun, adventurous, AND affordable!

Check out my Travel Itineraries page (in the brand new top navigation menu) for more info about the first two itineraries:

  • 10 Epic Days in Costa Rica
  • 7 Days in Nicaragua 

Here’s to your travels!

Trip Itinerary



BMT 023 : Tips for Biking Through Europe with Adam Bany & Tenille Smith

Tips for Biking through Europe

Ever considered touring Europe on a bike? Adam Bany and Tenille Smith have done it, and they are here to share how you can do it too. In this episode they tell all including: what kind of bike you’ll need, what to pack, do’s and don’ts, when to go, how to budget, how to plan and how to deal with problems and unforeseen events on the road. Even if you haven’t considered this type of travel before, you will be by the end of this episode!  Read more

A Travel Scavenger Hunt: YOU are invited

Do you like games? I love games. My husband proposed to me via an incredible scavenger hunt, my best friend threw me a bachelorette party that consisted of a massive scavenger hunt. I love riddles, I love a challenge, and now I’ve come up with this crazy idea to incorporate a scavenger hunt into traveling. Why not?

The best part? YOU can play, too! Join me by taking videos or photos of the following challenges and sharing them on The Budget-Minded Traveler Facebook page, here in the comments, Twitter, or Instagram (tag @budgetmtraveler).

I am going to start by attempting to do as many of these as possible with my husband and brother on our upcoming trip to Europe: Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, and Greece. So stay tuned and subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to watch our crazy videos ;)

Here goes:


Read more

Prioritizing Travel Over Everything Else: A Conversation with The Budget-Minded Traveler

Prioritizing Travel

Earlier this year, I had the honor of being interviewed by Pink Pangea, a community for women travelers. It was obvious by my answers that Nate and I really put travel above so many other things in life, which is how we are able to travel so often on a combined income of less than $30k per year. I’m hoping that through this Q&A with Pink Pangea, you will be inspired. Everyone has to start somewhere, and these questions start at the beginning of my travels.

Click here to read: Prioritizing Travel Over Everything Else: A Conversation with The Budget-Minded Traveler 

What kind of questions did they ask? Here are a few examples:

I understand that you became hooked on travel during your study abroad experience in Costa Rica at age 18. What was it about the trip that made you fall in love?

Lots of long-term travelers set out into the world when they have no attachments, but it looks like you are married and still travel a ton. Is your husband a big traveler too? How flexible is his work when it comes to travel? Before you got married, did you both decide to make traveling a priority? Tell us more!

Solo travel vs. traveling with someone else. Which do you prefer and why?

Tell us about the biggest challenge you have faced on the road.

And more…


BMT 022 : Tips for Traveling with Kids with Mark & Jolene Hamilton

tips for traveling with kids

In episode 16 you heard from their daughters, now hear from parents Mark and Jolene about traveling with kids. Family travel is possible, Mark and Jolene have done it, and they are telling all about their mistakes, successes, and advice for other parents.

Jolene and Mark Hamilton are the parents of two wonderful girls, Allie and Noelle, ages 14 and 11. After spending a memorable year living and touring in Europe before they became parents, Mark and Jolene wanted to share with their children the places and memories that were so important to them.  They dragged their (mostly) willing children on a three month tour of 13 countries of Europe in 2011. Traveling in an old VW van, they all discovered the joys and challenges of exploring foreign countries while sharing fifty square feet of living space.


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