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  • US Passports & Travel Visas

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BMT 018 : Planes, Trains, and Automobiles – Travel Logistics Overseas

Travel Logistics Overseas

There are so many options for how to get around once you’re abroad, and there are even more questions surrounding the subject. This episode will shed some light on what to expect when you are traveling overseas, in both general and specific terms for trains, planes, cars, bikes, hitchhiking, buses, boats, and taxis. Figuring out travel logistics can be frustrating, but it is all part of the journey!

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The Clear Your Closet Challenge (VIDEO)

As many of you know, I like to go the extra mile to save as much money as I can in order to travel internationally as much as I do. One of the ways that I like to save money is not going shopping (for clothes, shoes, accessories, or anything else, etc.). After embracing the challenge of saving money by not shopping for one year (and still going strong almost two years later), I have learned a few things and want to share them with you. And, true to my style, I have a challenge for you at the end of the video.

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BMT 017 : An American in Germany – Transitioning Abroad with Stephanie Urban

American in Germany

Living overseas is a dream for some, but it’s a reality for Stephanie Urban, who moved her life to Germany over 7 years ago. I wanted to interview Stephanie because I have so many questions about this subject (i.e. How do you stay legally? How did you get a visa? How did you find a job?). Join us for this interview as we find out how she decided to move her life overseas, what it took for her to get a German residency permit and secure work visas to allow her to stay in Europe legally, as well as what mistakes she made along the way. Find out what it takes to be an American in Germany. Read more

Lucky 13: The Power of Travel

2014: Reflection

The last couple of years in my life have been incredibly different from each other when it comes to travel. I wanted to share with you a little story and some photos (Part II) to go with it simply to inspire you to do everything you can to make travel happen in your life if it is important to you. Read more