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5 Hostel Myths, BUSTED!

The idea of what hostels are has been misconstrued with the unsolicited help of major motion pictures like “Eurotrip” and the “Hostel” series. The non-traveling, movie-going part of society has haughtily mislabeled them as dangerous, among other less-than-desireable terms. So if hostels are so dangerous, why is it that the hostel industry has seen growth every year, even during the economic crisis?

Apparently Hollywood has nothing on backpackers, who continue to stay at hostels and reap the benefits of all that they have to offer. And what exactly is that, you ask? Essentially, it’s a community.

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Death Trains, Yellow Fever and Red Flags

When Life Gives You Lemons…

This is the story of the biggest problem I’ve ever run into during my travels. You may have heard me reference it before as “the huge brick wall I ran into in Brazil,” followed by, “I’ll save that story for another day.” It’s not a violent story or anything that put me in immediate danger; rather it was more of a test of character, strength, and literally stretched me to my emotional limits. It took place over 6 years ago now, but I still remember it like it was yesterday, and the story needs to be told. It is the reason I do not travel alone anymore, and the reason I still haven’t explored much of South America. There are some big lessons to learn from this story, and my goal is to prevent you from ever running into a similar situation. So read on when you have the time (it’s not short), take notes, and remember to learn from other people’s mistakes, because life is too short to make them all yourself. Read more

BMT 013 : Ask Jackie Session 1 – Listener Travel Questions Answered

Travel Questions

YOUR Travel Questions, Answered

Join us for this Q&A session as we tackle 6 travel questions about gifts for hosts, resources for young travelers, outlet adapters and voltage converters, Workaway for families, price trends for budget airlines, and how to eat local cuisine on a small budget. This is the first of the Ask Jackie Sessions where listeners like you get your questions answered on the podcast, complete with a shoutout! Thanks for listening, and keep the questions coming! Read more

Tribute to Vagabonding

Vagabonding Book

As much as I didn’t want it to end, I finished Vagabonding this morning. Don’t be fooled, it wasn’t a literal adventure, but a literary one written by Rolf Potts. Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel is a must-read for any wanderlust-stricken soul, whether or not you have traveled before.

I have never overloaded my Kindle with so many highlights than with this book, and I’d love to share some of my favorite excerpts with you. Rolf Potts, along with many contributors whom he calls “Vagabonding Voices” as well as quoted writers of earlier texts, are able to capture travel with words in an incredible way. So much of this is as if it came directly from my heart and life. Here are what I thought were the best quotes from Vagabonding: Read more