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How to Avoid Fees with Credit Cards Overseas

I am a huge believer in credit cards, not to max them out or abuse them in any way (let’s be smart, people), but to take advantage of the bonuses, rewards, cash back, and other benefits. If you’re going to be spending the money, you might as well be earning something back while you’re at it, right? I currently use the Chase United Mileage Plus Explorer Visa, my go-to travel credit card, and the Chase Freedom Visa, my go-to card for everything else. The reasons are in the rewards, but that subject is for another day.

There are several cards that compete nicely with each other to earn a spot in your wallet, especially as you travel internationally. What I want to make clear today is one single point, one thing to look for when figuring out which credit card you should use when you travel abroad, one thing that is essential in a travel credit card: Read more

How to Set Up a Charles Schwab Bank Account and Avoid ATM Fees Anywhere

If I were to add up the amount of money I have spent over the last decade of travel on ATM fees alone, I would probably want to kick myself. My bank charges me $5 every time I use a foreign ATM. Every. Single. Time. Because of that, I have gotten into the habit of taking out as much cash as I am allowed when I visit an ATM overseas, simply to avoid paying the fees over and over again. I take out the most allowed, then it lasts me longer and I pay less in the end.

This is not a fool proof plan, and it often leaves me with money leftover, or having to spend $5 just to take out the exact amount I’ll need for one more night somewhere. Or how about that time that I couldn’t do the math and ended up spending $5 to pull a grand total of about $8 out of an ATM, only to have to go back and spend $5 more just to get the amount I originally wanted. Yeah, that happened. So, in an effort to stop the madness, I finally decided to open a Charles Schwab bank account. Read more

BMT 045: Welcome to Wanderlust with First Time Traveler Stephanie Sailor

First Time Traveler Stephanie Sailor

Stephanie Sailor and her husband Ben just went on their first trip overseas to Greece and Turkey so Ben could run the original marathon in Athens, and so that they could finally quench their craving to travel to Europe. In this episode, we chat with Steph about all things “first time traveler.” She shares all sorts of advice about how she prepared, including specifics about packing, what books and resources they used and carried with them on the road, what fears she had, what mistakes she made, what surprised her about travel, what she learned about herself, and of course, where they’re planning on going next. Read more

Resources for First Time Travelers

There is so much information online these days that searching for something can be overwhelming. New travelers, I’ve got you covered. The links below are all articles on this site that will help you get a jump start on your travel planning, give you some ideas for saving money on the road, and answer some of those first time traveler questions. Read more

How to Pack for a Month in 5 Countries in a Carry-On

I’m boarding a plane right now for a conference in Las Vegas, during which I’ll be attending a red carpet event, multiple parties, and of course business sessions, followed by a weekend in San Francisco visiting friends, then on to Stockholm, Sweden for a couple days before heading to Portugal for a week to explore in a rental car, then on to Barcelona for a few days for another conference, and finally a week in Turkey, where I still don’t know what the itinerary will include. Whew! That’s a lot of travel in different places, luckily the climate will be similar enough that I don’t need to vary my attire that much. However, the activities range from hiking to the red carpet, literally, AND, I’ll be on three Ryanair flights throughout the trip, which has stricter baggage size allowance.

So how did I do it? Like a pro. Read more

BMT 044: Long-Term Family Travel with Erin Bender

Long Term Family Travel

Erin Bender from the popular family travel blog Travel with Bender shares her story about transitioning into a life of nomadic travel with her family of four, including two young children. In this episode, she explains exactly how they took the leap to travel abroad long-term, including what that looked like for their house, dog, and bills at home, as well as how they have “unschooled” their children and are gaining incredible experience by traveling the world together.  Read more