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BMT 74: From Peace Corps Volunteer to Business Owner in Moldova with Expat David Smith

expat moldova

Today we head across the pond to Chișinău, Moldova, where entrepreneur and American expat David Smith is making positive changes in community development by starting his own small businesses. He started as a Peace Corps volunteer and has set up a life there, and he’s here today to share his trials and triumphs along the way, along with some meat, beer, and goofy people stories. Read more

Travel Toiletries: Best HAIR Products

People constantly ask me about how I do my hair while I travel, including what hair care products I use, if I pack a travel hair dryer, what I do about hair cuts while traveling, and, most commonly, if these are real dreads. Ahem, that depends on your definition of “real.” Today, I’m here to answer these questions. I’ll share exactly how I style my hair, and I’ll recommend trusted travel hair products to help you keep your wild mane fresh, healthy, and tame on the road.
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How to Keep Your Cell Phone Number While You Travel

Feature by Erin Zipperle | @survivingeurope

A little less than a year ago, my husband and I decided to sell our things, pack up four suitcases and move from the USA to Salzburg, Austria. Why? Because we were searching for a new adventure. Living abroad would allow us to step outside our comfort zone, become familiar with the unfamiliar, and, most importantly, travel throughout Europe.

There was a lot that we needed to accomplish before our big move. We had to get rid of some of our most prized possessions, which was not easy by any means. But there was one thing that we simply could not give up. One thing that we needed to save for our return to the USA years down the road…

Our cell phone numbers. Read more

BMT 73: Life As A Serial Expat with Jodi Ettenberg

Jodi Ettenberg Legal Nomads

Jodi Ettenberg left her job as a corporate lawyer to pursue her dream of traveling the world for a year. That was over eight years ago, and she is still on the road. In today’s episode we get the inside story about why she left, what struggles she has faced along the way (including an emergency trip home), what she has learned about traveling with celiac disease, how she uses food to connect with people and cultures, and why she isn’t planning on settling back down any time soon. Read more

Hidden Gem: Lakeside Apartment Hotel in Ohrid, Macedonia

I almost don’t want to tell you about Macedonia, because it is so special, and once word of that gets out, it could create unwanted growth and change. However, if you happen to be traveling through and looking for hotels in Ohrid, Macedonia, I’ve got you covered with this one.

Hotel: Apartments Smakoski

Location: Ohrid, Macedonia – In the southwest corner of Macedonia, on the shores of beautiful Lake Ohrid. Macedonia (FYROM) borders Albania to the west, Kosovo and Serbia to the north, Bulgaria to the east, and Greece to the south. The Macedonia-Albania border splits Lake Ohrid nearly down the middle. Read more