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    Tips and tricks on when to fly, when to buy, where to search, how to compare, and what a good deal looks like. Read more

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    The best hostel website, the best cheap hotel website, and everything you need to know about CouchSurfing. Read More

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    Where to get a US passport, travel visa, and travel vaccinations required by your destination country. Read More

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    Create a travel packing list with these tips, and find out how to get a good travel backpack or suitcase. Read More

BMT 029 : Taking a Corporate America Job Overseas with Julie Smith

Corporate America Job Overseas

Julie Smith is an expat living in London with her husband Drew and dog Basil, and her company is paying her to be there. In this episode we find out how Julie positioned herself within Corporate America to be sent on an assignment overseas. She is here to lay it all out for us and has some great advice about how anyone can accomplish the same. Read more

BMT 028 : Travel Insurance 101

Travel Insurance 101

I always recommend that travelers get some sort of travel insurance before starting a trip. This is a big subject and can be confusing in many ways, so I’m here to break it down for you. In this episode I outline 8 things I look for in a travel insurance plan and what they mean to the traveler. I also recommend two websites where you can purchase your plans and I walk you through the process of getting quoted for your trip online.

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BMT 027 : Peru Travel Tips – Machu Picchu Trek & More

Peru Travel Tips

If Machu Picchu is not already on your bucket list, put it on there right now. And then listen to this episode, which is all about Peru travel tips. I cover immunizations, plane tickets, packing, booking tours, hiking Machu Picchu, and traveling all throughout the country. Still have questions? Ask them in the comments section below, I will try to answer whatever I can!

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