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BMT 68: First Solo Trip to Italy: Results! with Anjie Mikesell

Anjie Mikesell

We are wrapping up our series featuring people with BIG travel plans with our first Part 2! Anjie Mikesell, whom you may remember from episodes 64 and 65 where we discussed her upcoming first solo trip to Italy, is BACK, and she has much to share. We find out if any of her fears came true, what she learned about herself, where she ended up going and what she did all over Italy, the highs and lows of the trip, and how the trip has had an affect on her. Prepare to be inspired.

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Where to Eat in Rome According to Locals

I recently spent a week in Rome, my favorite city in the world, without so much even walking through the touristy parts that made me fall in love with it in the first place. I’ve lived in Rome before, but this time I stayed at an Airbnb in a quiet neighborhood that I hadn’t spent much time exploring previously. With a comfortable bed and a clean apartment, I was able to get a lot of work done and somehow still find time to explore some of the best of the city.

No, not the architecture.. the FOOD. Read more

BMT 67: Round the World with a Family of Five: Meet the Bensons

Bensons traveling family

The Benson family has BIG plans. They are selling their house and many of their possessions to hit the road as a family of five for a year of round the world travel. In this episode we discuss how they decided to do it, how they plan to fund it, where they think they will go, what fears they have around it, what they hope to get out of it and much more.  Read more

Tips for Living in Bariloche Argentina

I’ve been living in Bariloche, Patagonia, Argentina for almost three months (Feb-Apr 2016). This part of the world is very much not on the internet, which made it hard for me to find any information about buses, how to find an apartment, where I should eat, or anything else. So, to do my part, I’ve amassed here a lot of the info I’ve collected over the last few months to make it easier for anyone else wanting to move to Bariloche.  Read more

How to Get a Bus from Mexico to Belize

When I began researching flights from Boston to Belize last fall, I was blown away by the cost. Four months out and round trip tickets were $600-$800. For a week-long trip, this was simply too much for me. I was planning to visit a friend in Belize, and she suggested flying into Mexico and researching how to get a bus from Mexico to Belize. I was relieved when I discovered that going this route would drastically reduced my costs.

I definitely recommend taking these overnight buses between Mexico and Belize if you’re not on a time crunch. Not only do you save money on transportation, but you also save on accommodation for those nights. The buses are air conditioned with cushy seats, and the ADO bus terminals have charging stations and free WiFi. Credit cards were not accepted, so you’ll need cash in Mexican and Belizean currency, although US dollars are accepted in Belize. Read more