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Celebrating 30 with a BANG (and a travel slideshow)

Golden Birthday (n): the year that your birthday also happens to be the age you’re turning. For me, that is happening this week as I turn 30 on the 30th of November. I have anticipated my golden birthday for quite some time now, as I had to wait longer than most for my golden day to come around, and I’ve decide to celebrate it with a BANG. That is, a trip to paradise (on a budget, of course). Today Nate and I are leaving for Bocas del Toro, Panama to join 6 of my closest friends on a mission to do nothing but relax, explore beaches, snorkel, and celebrate life together. We don’t need an excuse, but turning 30 suffices. Read more

BMT 030 : SPECIAL : Just Do It with New Traveler Pete Sveen

New Traveler Pete Sveen

In this 30th episode, BMT Voices is introduced, a special announcement is made, and Pete Sveen, online entrepreneur and new traveler, comes on the show to tell us all about what he learned from his first two trips abroad. Find out why this episode is special, how you can become more involved going forward, and listen to Pete as he talks about his transformation from never having traveled on his own to already planning his next trip. Read more

Winter Wonderlust (n.) : A passion for all things Winter

Through all this travel and blogging and podcasting that I have been doing, something has definitely rubbed off on my husband Nate. 

I am super proud to announce the launch of his new site: It is an outlet for exploring all things winter through travel, festivals, recreation, gear, apparel, nature, food, and more. It doesn’t matter if you are the type who hunkers down and hibernates in winter or if you exhaust yourself in the many activities it offers, this site simply celebrates everything that has to do with winter and there is something for everyone! Read more

BMT 029 : Taking a Corporate America Job Overseas with Julie Smith

Corporate America Job Overseas

Julie Smith is an expat living in London with her husband Drew and dog Basil, and her company is paying her to be there. In this episode we find out how Julie positioned herself within Corporate America to be sent on an assignment overseas. She is here to lay it all out for us and has some great advice about how anyone can accomplish the same. Read more