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3 Reasons to Love the City of Love

I dream of Italy all the time, probably to an unhealthy extent. Ever since I studied abroad there in 2005-6, it has become a part of me, and when I’m away from it for too long, I have withdrawals (real ones). I was recently challenged to share 3 things I love about my favorite city. The city came to mind first, but the 3 things (and probably 37 others) quickly followed.

Rome. I can’t even tell the story I want to tell right now without introducing my first favorite thing, so here we go:

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The Traveling Journal

My friend Pete gave me a composition notebook the other day, explaining that it’s a traveling journal and belongs to a boy named Dylan in Maryland. It is being passed around from people to people, state to state, and apparently it has already made it to Washington D.C., North Carolina, Costa Rica and Montana, as well as other “far away places” from Maryland, all the while picking up stories. When someone receives it, they can read about those who have had it previously, and then they get to write a little letter to Dylan, introducing themselves and including a few pictures.

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BMT 034 : Ninja Packing Tips: Pack Light and Carry On

Pack Light and Carry On

In this episode we explore my backpacker packing secrets from experience of over 10 years of international travel. Check it out for packing tips and tools, and find out how to pack a carry-on only. I will also take you through 2 specific packing lists for both warm and cold weather, for both guys and ladies. Yes, it’s a lot, but you should be prepared to pack only a carry-on by the time you finish listening to it. There is also a special announcement at the end and an intermission in the middle – you’ll just have to listen to find out! Read more

How to Set Up a Mexican Telcel SIM Card with Your iPhone

This is a feature from BMT reader Alvin Dimalanta. Alvin travels to Baja several times a year and has figured out how to set up data on a prepaid SIM card.

Install your Telcel SIM card in your UNLOCKED smartphone and turn it on. Add credit to your phone at any OXXO store, 7-11, convenience stores, or little local stores with a Telcel sign for the amount of data you want and for voice and SMS (texts) credit as needed. FYI, if your Telcel SIM card hasn’t been used in while, add 10 pesos credit. If it’s still active, you’ll receive a text saying the amount of credit you added, and your previous credits will be reactivated.

Text the amount of data you want (ex. alto7 – see below) to 5050 to activate data on Telcel. Once you send the text, you should receive a text stating  that data is running and when it expires.

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