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  • Finding Cheap Flights

    Tips and tricks on when to fly, when to buy, where to search, how to compare, and what a good deal looks like. Read more

  • Booking Hotels & Hostels

    The best hostel website, the best cheap hotel website, and everything you need to know about CouchSurfing. Read More

  • Using Your iPhone Overseas

    WiFi, airplane mode, data, SIM cards, freezing your account, travel apps, it's all here in organized fashion. Read More

  • Packing List for Europe

    Complete packing list (females) for two weeks in Europe in the fall, in just a 30L backpack. Read More

BMT 052: Sell Everything, KEEP Your Job, and Move Overseas with Surviving Europe

sell everything and move overseas

Allow me to introduce Erin and Erin Zepperle, a recently married couple who decided to sell everything and move overseas to Austria. They are here today to share with us what that looked like for them, including what they had to sell and sacrifice for this goal, and how they were able to “keep” both of their jobs through the move. Find out the tactics they used to focus themselves on reaching their goal in a certain amount of time, and what that means for their future as well. Read more

BMT 051: Over Eight Years on the Road with Gary Arndt

Gary Arndt

In this second of four episodes about long-term travel, Gary Arndt joins us to chat about what his life has been like for the past eight years that he has been on the road. This perpetual traveling has led him to opportunity, fame and renown, not to mention to 7 continents and almost every country in the world, but at the same time it has taken its toll, as being on the road consistently can be draining. He is “slowing down,” but wait until you hear the list of places he has yet to go this year… Read more

BMT 050: Planning, Preparing, and Packing for Long-Term Travel with Adrian Ann

Planning for Long Term Travel

Join me as I chat with Adrian Ann, who has been on the road for two years, about the ins and outs of preparing for long term travel and making it happen. Her wanderlust started early, fueled by studying abroad in her college years, until she felt such a strong urge to pack up and leave that she did just that. Her journey began in Asia, and in this episode we hear about the steps she took to shift her life from apartment living to backpack living in a country that doesn’t speak English. Read more

Is it Hard to Become Part of Workaway Without Any References?

FAQ: Reader Erin asks: “Since I have very limited travel experience (family vacations in the US and one cruise to the Caribbean) I was wondering how hard it would be for me to become apart of the Workaway community. I know that I can sign up, but with no reviews yet, how hard will it be to find somewhere that will take me with only my experience as a waitress and nanny as references to my abilities to work?”

In my personal experience, it was not hard at all when I first started. Read more

BMT 049: Ask Jackie Session 3

Ask Jackie

In this third installment of the Ask Jackie series, we get into several reader and listener questions about all things travel. We discuss ways to make dollars stretch on the road, when is an appropriate time to start researching flights, what is the best way to book a last minute flight, if it’s possible to travel for a month with a 25-lb luggage limit, what happens when you have to modify or change plans that have been made, how much of a trip should be planned out, and how to travel with a 9-5 job and two weeks vacation. Join us here and on the BMT Community group on Facebook to get your questions answered! Read more