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BMT 69: Ask Jackie Session 4 – Toilets, Laundry, Flight Insurance, Oh My!

Ask Jackie

It’s back! This is the best Ask Jackie session yet, as it stems from our recent LIVE Q&A from the BMT Community group on Facebook. Join me as I answer questions about toilets overseas, washing your laundry, travel credit cards, flight insurance, movies, crazy experiences, packing, food, RTW travel, and much more. Use the guide below to reference the questions you are most interested in, or stay for the whole show, I promise you’ll learn something.

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Edinburgh City Guide for Budget-Minded Travelers

Edinburgh, Scotland is one of those iconic cities that travelers love on a deep level. With a rich history, tales of captivating Queens, and a people that welcome you with open arms, a laugh, and a pint, it’s no surprise that Edinburgh is atop many a traveler’s list.

Edinburgh’s Old Town is steeped in a gritty past, whereas New Town (which is still 200 years old), is full of classic Georgian architecture and opulent style, and both are split by the stunning Princes Street gardens, forming a UNESCO World Heritage site. The city is also recognized as a UNESCO City of Literature for all the great, creative minds that have sprung forth from it and brought us many classics. From wandering down cobblestone streets, to exploring hidden courtyards and hunting ghosts, to ascending one or all of its seven hills for captivating views over the city and beyond, Edinburgh has a wealth of things to do and see. Read more

BMT 68: First Solo Trip to Italy: Results! with Anjie Mikesell

Anjie Mikesell

We are wrapping up our series featuring people with BIG travel plans with our first Part 2! Anjie Mikesell, whom you may remember from episodes 64 and 65 where we discussed her upcoming first solo trip to Italy, is BACK, and she has much to share. We find out if any of her fears came true, what she learned about herself, where she ended up going and what she did all over Italy, the highs and lows of the trip, and how the trip has had an affect on her. Prepare to be inspired.

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Where to Eat in Rome According to Locals

I recently spent a week in Rome, my favorite city in the world, without so much even walking through the touristy parts that made me fall in love with it in the first place. I’ve lived in Rome before, but this time I stayed at an Airbnb in a quiet neighborhood that I hadn’t spent much time exploring previously. With a comfortable bed and a clean apartment, I was able to get a lot of work done and somehow still find time to explore some of the best of the city.

No, not the architecture.. the FOOD. Read more

BMT 67: Round the World with a Family of Five: Meet the Bensons

Bensons traveling family

The Benson family has BIG plans. They are selling their house and many of their possessions to hit the road as a family of five for a year of round the world travel. In this episode we discuss how they decided to do it, how they plan to fund it, where they think they will go, what fears they have around it, what they hope to get out of it and much more.  Read more