How to Save on Healthy Dog Treats

Homemade HEALTHY Dog Treats


Does your dog like ice cubes? If you don’t know or if your dog has ever had an ice cube, introduce them to your pup and see what his or her reaction is. If the pooch likes them, you are in luck.

Ice cubes are a fantastic treat for dogs, even in the winter. I started getting my dog to like ice cubes by treating them like treats, making him sit for one, etc. He goes crazy for them now and thinks they’re just as great as any other treat, so I decided to spruce them up a bit for him.

healthy dog treats

I got out an empty ice tray, put two to three kernels of his regular food in each cube, and proceeded to cover them with water and freeze the tray (insert thanks to inspiration from Pinterest here). Now I have treat-infused ice cubes that my pup goes crazy for.

What’s also great is that as we are trying to get our dog on a grain-free diet (poor thing has allergies), we can create treats out of his normal food, which is much healthier for him (says our vet). Rather than upsetting his diet too much, we can still provide him with tasty, refreshing, healthy dog treats at no extra cost. Win-win.