Travel the World Sooner and Smarter, while Saving More Money. Here’s Your Shortcut.

(Last Updated On: January 21, 2021)

Big news for The Budget-Minded Traveler tribe this week: the SHORTCUT I’ve been building that will help YOU travel the world sooner and smarter, while saving more money, is here! I’m a little bit excited…

The Budget-Minded Traveler Blueprint is a multi-media, comprehensive, how-to guide for international travel, that takes the most effective, practical steps from The Budget-Minded Traveler blog and podcast, along with my personal stories and experiences from over 15 years of travel, and puts them all together into ONE. SINGLE. PLACE.

AND, I will personally guide you along every step of the way, from choosing a destination, to getting a passport, visas, immunizations, to finding good flights, budgeting, packing, cell phones, safety, logistics, and much more.

It’s like I just invited you into my living room to plan your next trip. And the next… and the next…!

The course is LIVE, and since it’s already full of videos, I made an extra fun one so you can see what it’s all about: WARNING – WILL CAUSE WANDERLUST:

The beta testers (aka real people just like you who offered to help test it out) have already gone through it and said things like: “PRICELESS” and “I feel so motivated!”

The even BETTER news is that I’m offering an exclusive launch special. Everyone who enrolls before June 30th will be automatically entered to win one of TEN 30-minute Skype travel planning sessions with me. Winners will be announced by email no later than July 7th.