BMT 049: Ask Jackie Session 3

Ask Jackie

In this third installment of the Ask Jackie series, we get into several reader and listener questions about all things travel. We discuss ways to make dollars stretch on the road, when is an appropriate time to start researching flights, what is the best way to book a last minute flight, if it’s possible to travel for a month with a 25-lb luggage limit, what happens when you have to modify or change plans that have been made, how much of a trip should be planned out, and how to travel with a 9-5 job and two weeks vacation. Join us here and on the BMT Community group on Facebook to get your questions answered!


Episode 49 Show Notes

1. 2:29 – Have you found some great tricks and tips to make your euros stretch in Spain/Portugal?

Resource: 21 Budget Travel Tips That Will Save You Money on the Road

2. 4:32 – When is a good time to start researching flights for a trip?

Resource: 8 Secrets to Finding the Best Deals on Flights

3. 6:24 – Is there ever an advantage to waiting until the day before or the day of to buy a ticket?

Resource: Try Hotwire for last minute flights

4. 8:49 – Is it possible to pack for a month in a carry on with only 25 lbs of luggage?

Resource: This pack fully packed weighed 22 lbs – How to Pack for a Month in 5 Countries in a Carry-On

5. 10:20 – Can you explain one time you had to modify plans and the best options?

Resources: Allegiant Air: Discount or Disaster Airline?

Death Trains, Yellow Fever, and Red Flags

6. 12:31 – My daughter is off to Amsterdam for a year and needs to buy a backpack, what would you recommend?

Resource: How to Choose the Perfect Travel Backpack (VIDEO)

7. 14:28 – How much of a trip should I book?

8. 18:04 – How do I incorporate travel into my current lifestyle as I only have 10 days of annual leave?

Resources: How to Travel With Only Two Weeks Vacation

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Open questions – please help if you know the answer! Leave a comment below or come over to the Facebook community to answer the question.

9. 23:33 – Traveling with musical instruments: checking, carry-on, what should we do, what should we know?

10. 24:52 – Anyone from India know about securing travel/working visas for Indian citizens?

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