What’s this all about?

Have you ever wished you could travel the world but perhaps are a bit lost about where to start, how to handle the logistics of it, or how to save enough money to make it happen? Well, guess what.

You are not alone.

I am Traveling Jackie, the founder of this blog, and for half my life, I have been traveling independently overseas. I started my travels completely with my own savings and resources, and I am forever changed from immersing myself in other cultures, learning multiple languages, tasting foreign foods, and collecting friends all over the world. My love for travel has wholly shaped the course of my life.

I can list all the life-changing things it has taught me and tell you about all the beautiful people, cultures, and countries around the world, OR…

You can GO experience it for yourself.

BMT in Europe
BMT in Asia
BMT in Italy
BMT in Mexico

The Budget-Minded Traveler exists to make travel as easy and accessible for you as possible. So, dig into the expertise on this site. Learn from our mistakes, catch on to our budget tricks, live vicariously through the photos and stories until you can’t take it anymore.

Then, go for yourself. Life is too short to live vicariously.

This blog is an invitation for YOU.

We believe too many people (especially in the USA) perceive their travel dreams as too expensive, time-consuming, or otherwise impossible. Yet travel – seeing the world and being exposed to other cultures – is a fast-track to tolerance, understanding, and education that this world (especially the USA) desperately needs.

This blog, the BMT Communitythe podcast, and our online course represent our efforts to encourage and equip others to get out and meet the world in a realistic, affordable, sustainable, and rewarding way. It IS possible, and YOU can make it happen in your own life.

All you have to do is say yes.

BMT Working Visa
BMT Turkey
BMT in Thailand
BMT on a Moto

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