BMT 76: Catching Up with the Benson Family After 6 Months in Latin America (Part 2)

Before We Finish

That’s right, they’re back! We first met the Bensons in episode 67, when they were planning to sell their house and hit the road for a year with their three boys. This adventurous family of five has now been on the road for six months and is here to catch us up on their experience thus far. Today we get to see how things have turned out for them on their travels, including the good, the fabulous, the bad, and the very ugly. Find out what they have learned, where they’re going next, and how this trip has changed everything for them.

Meet the Bensons

Click here to listen to episode 67 and read more about each of the Benson family members, as well as what their goals were and are for this huge life change.

Family Travel Machu Picchu
Family chill sesh at Machu Picchu #nbd

Episode 76 Show Notes

I had SO many questions for them for this round, in this conversation we get into:

  • How Duane copes with going home and leaving his family
  • The best and the worst things that have happened: Noah had to throw a punch! And why Rebekah’s backpack was stolen
  • How the planned itinerary has changed, and what’s coming in 2017, including surprising plans for Christmas
  • How they did with their packing, what has worked and what hasn’t worked: Why Duane ditched the Farpoint 55
  • What ended up happening with Noah’s dog at home
  • Dealing with allergies on the road: Rebekah has celiac and Noah is allergic to pets
  • How “school” is going for the kids
  • What their biggest fear is going forward

Things we mentioned:

Bensons blog: (What’s in the name? Listen to episode 67 to find out)

Bensons on Instagram: @beforewefinish

Family Travel Central America
Getting to know the locals everywhere they go

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