How to Get a Croatian SIM Card with Unlimited Data

I love staying connected overseas. Inspiring people to travel is not only my job, but it is my passion, so I need to be active on social media on a daily basis.

I even wrote a guide on how to use your iPhone abroad.

I recently traveled to Croatia to go on an 8-day sailing trip with Busabout, and I knew WiFi on the boat would be spotty (and at the time I didn’t have international service with my Verizon iPhone plan). Fortunately, for anyone with an unlocked iPhone (or another unlocked smartphone), there is an easy and affordable way to stay connected with a Croatian SIM card by T-Mobile.

For just €11 you can get a SIM with unlimited data for 7 days, including personal hot spots. Personal hot spots are only available on some newer phones, but when you enable your personal hot spot, you create your own wireless network, which means you can connect other devices (laptops, iPads, cell phones) to your WiFi network as well. With unlimited data, this means you can not only have your phone online for whatever you want, but if you need to get work done on your laptop like I do, you can connect and have unlimited data there as well. Genius.

There are newsstands all over Croatia called Tisak. Go to one of these newsstands and ask for the T-Mobile 7-day SIM with unlimited data. Tisak looks like this:

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Croatian SIM card
Croatian SIM card T-Mobile

And the T-Mobile SIM you want looks like this:

I have an iPhone 6 that came unlocked, so I didn’t even have to do anything before my trip to prepare for this (see How to Unlock Your iPhone). Simply pop out (use a paperclip and push hard) your current SIM (don’t lose it!), and punch out the size you need of the new SIM (it comes in all sizes so don’t worry about what phone you have), and insert it in your phone. You’ll want to make sure your phone isn’t in airplane mode, because then it won’t pick up the network. Once it is activated, it will last for 7 days, the perfect solution to stay connected for a week-long holiday in Croatia.

Also, if you don’t have an itinerary set yet, check out the sailing trip I did from Split down to Dubrovnik and back with Busabout, a beautiful way to experience Croatia’s coast.

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