BMT 95: Jordanian Culture, People, Language… and more Magic.

In the last episode, we traveled through Jordan as we recapped my experiences there in May of 2018, and today we’re going deeper into the Jordanian culture.

Listen as Ban and I continue our conversation, this time covering topics such as:

  • Jordan dress code – do’s and don’ts according to where you are in the country
  • What it’s like to be a woman in Jordan
  • Ban’s story – where her family comes from, growing up in Saudi Arabia, what is home
  • Arabic v Dothraki, and other Arabic language lessons from a car in Amman
  • Alcohol during Ramadan
  • Reflections from my group trip participants
  • Why people say “Jordan is Magic”
Jordanian Culture

Show Notes

  • About Ban Barkawi
  • Listen to the last Episode 94 and see show notes for more about today’s featured guest Ban Barkawi and my experiences in Jordan, including guide information, accommodations and contacts in Jordan, and photos
  • Alcohol during Ramadan NOTE: It IS possible to buy alcohol at tourist hotels and bars during Ramadan, but expect most roadside tourist restaurants and stops along the Desert Highway to be closed.
  • Jordan recap blog postJORDAN: Land of Magic, Mars, and Men Wearing Eyeliner
  • Check out my GROUP TRIPS if you want to travel with me!

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