BMT 97: Life After Two Years Teaching English Abroad with Maddy Wolfe

Maddy Wolfe

As we approach episode 100, I’m bringing back some of our favorite guests from over the years to talk about where they are now. Today we chat with Maddy Wolfe, whom you’ll remember from episodes 66 and 77. When we first met her, she was about to graduate college and take a job teaching English in Israel for a year. The second time we talked to her, she was in the middle of her year in Israel, and now, she is on the other side of another year abroad teaching English in Malaysia. Join us today as we chat solo travel, the Fulbright ETA program, loneliness, coming home after two years of teaching English overseas, and what’s next for Maddy.

Fulbright ETA Malaysia
Maddy on a tuk tuk in Thailand.

Show Notes

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Maddy’s advice for returning home: Follow the path of most excitement. Think about the value that travel provides for you, how can you find that value in activities in your own back yard?

Malaysian McDonald’s Nasi lemak burger:

nasi lemak burger

Link to loneliness post: Even Superwoman Gets Lonely

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