Save Money with Lonely Planet Books

How to Save with Lonely Planet Guidebooks

There is something so exciting and inspiring about guidebooks that I can’t help but collect them. I have a total of 10 guidebooks, and 9 of them are Lonely Planet books (the other one was a gift!). If you have not heard about Lonely Planet before, allow me to introduce you. They are my favorite guidebooks for several reasons:

  • User-friendly (I love the layouts and organization)
  • Helpful photos
  • Tons of information including history, maps, popular travel routes, current affairs, and more
  • They have an online forum! (Great for answering your endless questions)
  • My favorite: they are BUDGET-FRIENDLY! They give destination-specific tips for traveling on a budget

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You may have heard of Europe on a Shoestring or perhaps South America on a Shoestring. These are referring to budgets- shoestring budgets. They offer detailed history, complete maps, itinerary ideas, and lots of budget tips for specific places. These are just two examples of endless Lonely Planet guidebooks. I recommend buying your guidebooks through Amazon because many travelers will sell their copies for a discounted price after they are done with them.

Otherwise, these books can seem a bit expensive, but they are worth it. Just make sure you get the latest edition, and even if you do have the latest edition, don’t rely solely on the guidebook to provide you with all the information you need, especially when it comes to visas and immunizations.

I also recommend the Western Europe book and Central America on a Shoestring, as these are popular destinations for American travelers.

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