BMT 022: Tips for Traveling with Kids with Mark & Jolene Hamilton

tips for traveling with kids

In episode 16 you heard from their daughters, now hear from parents Mark and Jolene about traveling with kids. Family travel is possible, Mark and Jolene have done it, and they are telling all about their mistakes, successes, and advice for other parents.

Jolene and Mark Hamilton are the parents of two wonderful girls, Allie and Noelle, ages 14 and 11. After spending a memorable year living and touring in Europe before they became parents, Mark and Jolene wanted to share with their children the places and memories that were so important to them.  They dragged their (mostly) willing children on a three-month tour of 13 countries of Europe in 2011. Traveling in an old VW van, they all discovered the joys and challenges of exploring foreign countries while sharing fifty square feet of living space.

Episode 22 Show Notes

What you will hear in this episode:

Mark and Jolene take us through each stage of their travels including planning, budgeting, home-schooling to keep the girls up to speed with school, what they did wrong, what they did right, how they made the trip more interesting for their daughters, and more. Understanding that many of you hope to learn something about taking your own kids traveling with you, they share plenty of advice for other parents, and even if you don’t have children, I’m sure this episode will leave you feeling inspired!

As Jolene says: “I just can’t express enough how much I enjoy traveling alone and how much I liked it even better with the girls there and sharing it with them…”

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Thanks to Mark & Jolene

Thanks again to Mark & Jolene for sharing so many great tips for traveling with kids! Keep it up and I hope to get to have you on the podcast again in the future.

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