BMT 69: Ask Jackie Session 4 – Toilets, Laundry, Flight Insurance, Oh My!

Ask Jackie

It’s back! This is the best Ask Jackie session yet, as it stems from our recent LIVE Q&A from the BMT Community group on Facebook. Join me as I answer questions about toilets overseas, washing your laundry, travel credit cards, flight insurance, movies, crazy experiences, packing, food, RTW travel, and much more. Use the guide below to reference the questions you are most interested in or stay for the whole show, I promise you’ll learn something.

Ask Jackie Session 4 Show Notes

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4:27 – Toilets! A big concern is finding a bathroom relatively quickly if need be. Is this silly?

6:52 – Do you travel with guidebooks?

8:11 – Have you ever worked while traveling (like hostels, teaching, etc)? Which type of job would you recommend?

10:30 – I’m not sure where or how to go about doing laundry on a trip. Any tips on keeping clothing fresh while on the road?

12:48 – Are there any specific credit cards you would recommend for using oversees?

15:21 – My question is about meeting other people on the road. Any ideas?

17:52 – When you travel do you do many adventure sports and do those drive any travel plans?

19:52 – What movies have inspired you to travel?

21:53 – What American snacks and foods do you miss the most when you travel?

22:44 – Is there anything you turn to when you’re feeling homesick? a long run, a familiar movie or book, etc?

23:44 – What’s your favorite way to get to know a new place or culture?

24:56 – What’s the “craziest” thing you’ve done while traveling?

26:38 – How do you feel about trip insurance for individual flights?
Links: Death Trains, Yellow Fever, Red Flags (my Brazil story)

30:56 – How do you buy flights when consistently traveling?

34:05 – What do you look at when you’re doing solo podcasts? Are you just looking at your wall?

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One reply on “BMT 69: Ask Jackie Session 4 – Toilets, Laundry, Flight Insurance, Oh My!”

To add to your answer about which credit card is best, be sure you get a chip card, more and more European locations will not take a US style swipe card. I’ve had both my Hawaiian Airlines and United Explorer cards switched over (I think UA may be doing, or have done this for everyone already). Using an RFID blocking wallet now as a result.
Secondly, be sure to advise your credit card holders of your international travel plans to minimize the chance your purchase will be rejected by your card company.
Use a password protected device (or two) to take pictures of your credit cards and emergency phone contact numbers, as well as passport photos. You can also email these photos to yourself so if you lose anything you can access your email somewhere and retrieve the information needed to cancel any cards.
Finally, when renting a car do not assume your travel credit card will cover your insurance. Call the credit card company beforehand, for example, most credit cards will NOT cover your car insurance in Ireland, so need to be sure to plan for that expense in your budget. I have a premium American Express extra rider that covers everything, including the car companies loss of use of the car, but they have 7 countries that they do not cover……so check and be sure!
Thanks for your great podcasts, enjoying them!

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