BMT 053: Be Changed by Long-Term Solo Travel with Stephanie Mayo

Stephanie Mayo

Stephanie Mayo just returned from a three-month solo adventure throughout Europe. She is here today to share with us what her fears were surrounding the trip, how she prepared for it, how she feels now after coming back home, and most importantly, what she learned about herself.

Stephanie shares how she has made travel a priority in her life, and how along the way she has discovered the magic of traveling solo. She is going after her dreams, pushing herself outside her comfort zone, and wants to help you to do the same. Join us for this inspiring interview that illuminates the personal reward of living the traveler life.

About Stephanie

Stephanie Mayo (AKA Lady of the Zoos) has a passion for wildlife, the great outdoors, and travel. This Canadian gal has a passion to explore the world as well as her own backyard and writes of her solo journeys in the hopes to inspire others to care more and see more.

Episode 53 Show Notes

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I frequently read of how to budget in order to travel but what about while you are traveling. Spreadsheets, apps, etc to help you keep track of the money (whether cash or in an account) while traveling. The more specific the better. I recently traveled for 40 days to Turkey and Greece and spent $6,000. My next trip I plan to go much longer and I need to do something different. Stephanie’s $10K for 3 months for all those countries is amazing!! Thanks!

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