BMT 78: Breaking Free of the Script – Fast Forward Two Years with John Owed (Part 2)

John Owed

Two years ago, John Owed declared his intent to break away from his office job to explore the world and realign his daily life with his personal priorities.

He is from Ohio and was working with a company in Australia at the time. According to him, his life was a script written by someone else. After his declaration and change of mindset, he rewrote everything, and he’s here to share about his last two years of establishing himself on his own in Australia and even meeting the girl of his dreams.

Meet John Owed

  • Current Location: Sydney, Australia
  • Hometown: Toledo, Ohio

In May 2015, 1.5 years after moving to Sydney for a job opportunity, I decided to quit and go travel. I had no plans other than a trip to Bali one month later so I was open to many avenues of how my life would unfold.

Looking back, so many great things have taken place that otherwise would have not.

  • meeting the girl of my dreams who is now my fiancé
  • landing an exciting role at a Sydney based startup
  • a new passion and ability to balance finances, health, relationships, work & travel

The risk was well worth it.

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Hi, I just discover your podcast about 2 nigth ago, and is Mindblower!!! keep working on the poscast!!!
hope you may be able to go to Chiloe (Chile) that island is amazing!!!

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