Buy a Versatile Travel Dress, Send Children to School in Madagascar: The Kameleon

Does wearing something in 52 ways excite you?

What if knowing that buying it also helps children in Madagascar go to school?

I’m talking about the Kameleon, a dress that you can wear in 52 ways (and counting). As a female traveler who loves to pack light, the Kameleon seemed like an ideal addition to my travel wardrobe.

I recently took it on my sailing trip to Croatia and found many uses for it in the Mediterranean summer climate.

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Kameleon Rose

What stands out to me most about the Kameleon is not only the brilliance behind the piece itself (and it is super soft and comfortable), but everything that it stands for.

It’s 100% cotton,¬†made in Madagascar under ethical conditions, designed by travelers, for travelers, and some of the proceeds go to sponsoring children’s educations in the local community. The company does not use a middle man to make this happen, but they “focus on finding the children most in need and paying for them to attend their local school.” They promise.

The good news is twofold: they ship internationally and they have a clothing line for men, women, and a unisex line.

Check them out online, and watch the fun video below about how many ways you can wear the Kameleon, and know that when you make a purchase, you are directly helping children in Madagascar as well. Win-win.

*This post is part of a collaboration, but as always, all opinions are my own.