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Rotorua, New Zealand City Guide

Nestled in the heart of New Zealand’s North Island, Rotorua is best known for its spectacular geothermal landscape and vibrant […]

Wanaka, New Zealand City Guide

Wanaka isn’t the kind of town that crops up on most people’s radars when they think about New Zealand. There […]

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6 Cheap or Free Things to Do in New Zealand

It’s no secret that New Zealand doesn’t exactly fall into the budget destination category. The airfare alone can be prohibitively […]

Travel New Zealand By Bus: Everything You Need to Know

While perhaps ideal, this isn’t always a practical option for all travelers. It can cost thousands of dollars to purchase a vehicle, on top of the cost of your plane ticket to get there. Add to that the cost of fuel, maintenance, insurance, camping gear, and potential parking or illegal camping fines. I think this option is best for those traveling as a pair or in a group, so you can split the costs.
If you don’t have the travel partner or the budget to make that happen, don’t rule out traveling New Zealand by bus!

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Christchurch, New Zealand City Guide

Christchurch, New Zealand’s first official city, is the largest city on the South Island with 390,000 residents. That makes it […]

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