BMT 91: 220 Miles Solo on the Danube Bike Path

I’ve done my bike tours and I lived to talk about them!

Join me and Jim Johnson, Founder of, again today as I reflect on my experience participating in two different bike tours for the first time ever, including a 200-mile week-long solo ride from Germany to Vienna, Austria on the Danube Bike Path. We dispel the concerns I had, take reader questions, and even give YOU a special incentive to get on a bike yourself!

Listen to the previous episode (Part I of this conversation), BEFORE I went on my bike tours.

danube bike path

Show Notes

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Video: Pre-Bike Tour Concerns Dispelled

Video: Cycling in Austria

Video: Cycling in Portugal

Video: E-Bike Magic″

Click here to see my bike tour packing list.

We answered these reader questions:

  • Where do you keep your clothes while you ride? Jim mentioned Chamois Butt’r to avoid chafing
  • How much does it cost?
  • Is it flat? What about hills?
  • How many hours a day are you riding?
  • Is it appropriate for families?
  • Do I have to have expert map reading skills?
  • I’m not a biker, is this something most people can do?

As promised, here is my first boomerang ever, you’ll need to swipe to see the badassery.

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danube bike path
Map of my route on the Danube Bike Path

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