BMT 92: Long-Distance Running As a Way to Travel with Mike Sewell

Mike Sewell
When I met Mike and his running buddy Roger in person on the Carretera Austral in Chilean Patagonia.

Mike Sewell is a South African runner on a mission. Tune in today to hear about how he has taken up running long distances (like… REALLY LONG) as way to explore a new country.

In the first half of this episode, we recap Mike’s running expedition on the Carretera Austral, the same 1300km route through Chilean Patagonia that I did by car.

Then in the second half, we get into tips and advice for how to create a running expedition, how to pack for it, what to expect, and more.

Episode 92 Show Notes

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  • Mike’s Facebook page for Project Patagonia.
  • My road trip down the Carretera Austral: use this post to see all the places we talk about in this episode! Listen to this episode to hear my driving buddy Ford and I talk about our experience.
  • Mike’s stroller “Harriet the Chariot” carried: a few shirts, multiple pairs of shoes, spare tubes, spare tires, toolsets, repair kits, food (lots of pasta and junk food!), lightweight tent, and camping gear.
  • Budget: $1,000 for Thule stroller and gear, $100 to ship overseas, less than $20/day on the road.
  • Dave Chamberlain’s Hug Run: Mike’s inspiration.
    Long Road to Comrades Facebook page: Mike’s May/June 2018 expedition.
  • Mike’s advice: JUST GO DO IT! Make sure you are prepared for the weather (rain, etc.), but there’s not much else to it. Consider having it supported so you can document it.
Mike Sewell Running
Mike and Roger at the finish of their Carretera Austral expedition – Jan 2018

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