Delicious and Affordable Italian Restaurant in Barcelona

(Last Updated On: January 8, 2021)

On a recent trip to Barcelona, I found myself wandering the side streets near La Rambla in search of the best tapas in Barcelona, Les Tapes, a little place I remembered eating at 10 years ago. When we finally found it, it was closed for siesta, but we were starving. As an Italian food-lover, what happened next was fate. We continued to wander the alleys, and we came upon a little Italian place with a sign that read “Fresh pasta starting at 3.90 euros.”

Pasta Bar, Barcelona

Italian Restaurant in Barcelona


It turns out that for 8.90 euros you can get a starter (either a soup or salad), a bowl of homemade pasta (you choose your noodles and sauce), and a glass of wine, soda, or beer. The best part? It’s actually delicious and totally worth it.


I had the Spinach Tagliatelle with Cream and Parmesan sauce, a mixed salad, and a glass of chilled white wine.

Fresh Italian Pasta

We sat facing at the front of the restaurant facing the alley so we could people watch as we ate, but there was plenty of space in the long, narrow restaurant. The ambiance was comfortable and welcoming, the employees were happy and helpful, and I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who loves Italian food or is simply looking for an affordable and delicious meal in the heart of Barcelona.

So, where is it? Directly down the alley from the best tapas in Barcelona, back toward La Rambla, but here are some better directions:

From La Rambla, look for a street called Carrer Dels Escudellers (at the moment there is a Catalunya Caixa on this corner) and walk north for a few minutes. It’s a couple of blocks, and the restaurant will be on your left. Don’t miss it, it’s small!