BMT 89: Driving the Carretera Austral in Chilean Patagonia

Continuing our conversation from the last episode, Ford Quarterman (@wheresthegringo) and I take you on a journey with us back to Patagonia. In December of 2017, we spent three weeks driving the length of the Carretera Austral. In this episode, we share stories about this epic experience and give tips for anyone considering trying this mind-blowing road trip for themselves.

Carretera Austral
The road that finally took us away from the Carretera Austral, into Parque Patagonia, and eventually Argentina.

Show Notes

  • Find Ford @wheresthegringo
  • We recommend you bring: extra shoes, wool socks, sandals, odor eaters! (Be kind to your feet and your road trip buddies).
  • Rent a Wicked Camper
  • to stay at this amazing treehouse (Ewok) village:
ewok village chile
Ewok village of my dreams, thanks to

Video of me crossing the “tiroleza” or “Tyrolian Traverse” over a class VI rapid on the Futaleufú River:

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