BMT 004: Eating Healthy on the Road with Megan Doerr

In this episode of The Budget Minded Traveler podcast, I interview IRONMAN triathlete and world traveler Megan Doerr about eating healthy on the road.

Megan has become an expert in packing just the right foods to counter her food sensitivities while she’s traveling to the far corners of the world, and she shares all her tips about the foods she packs and why they are the best for travel.

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Megan Doerr
Megan Doerr indulging in healthy Greek food on the streets of Athens

Meet Megan

Megan Doerr has been an avid and independent traveler since her first international trip by herself at the age of 14, where she spent a month with the family of her Pen Pal in Germany. Although she does admit it did not come without challenge, it was one that made her feel more alive and ready to tackle more, do more, see more and go more places.

Needless to say, her favorite book is Dr. Seus’ Oh the Places You’ll Go! She currently works as a university study abroad advisor but focuses her time on her two personal passions: endurance sports and traveling.

She makes sure to take a minimum of one international trip each year, having just returned from Botswana and Zambia.

Megan has previously contributed this information for a blog post entitled The Ultimate List of Healthy Travel Snacks.

Eating Healthy On the Road: What to Pack

These are the snacks mentioned in the episode, and how Megan manages to eat healthy while traveling.

applesauce to go

Squeezable Applesauce by GoGo Squeeze

There are a variety of flavors, and they come in 3.2 oz packages, which passes TSA requirements. These are all-natural, healthy, easy to pack, and have resealable tops for less mess.

trail mix

Trail Mix

Divide it into small packages so it’s easy to stuff into spaces in your backpack (single-serve is the best way to pack snacks).

dried fruit

Dried Fruit

Real fruit would be better, but it makes a mess in your luggage and doesn’t pass border-crossing inspections. You can always dry your own fruit or, if purchasing, check the ingredients to make sure it has no added sugars or evaporated cane juice.

fruit leathers

Fruit Leathers

Another way to eat fruit without having to carry the real thing. These come individually wrapped and are great snacks.

freeze-dried foods

Freeze-Dried Foods from REI

These non-perishable backpacking foods are lightweight and easy to cook on the go.

cocoa almonds

Cocoa-Dusted Almonds

For the sweet tooth. Real chocolate makes a mess in your luggage when traveling to hot places. These ones come in perfect packets for traveling.

Justin's nut butter

Justin’s Nut Butter

Peanut butter is a given. These ones come in single-serve 1.15 oz packets and a variety of flavors to eat plain or with crackers or whatever you like.

tuna packets

Tuna Packets

A good protein option, these single-serve packets are perfect for traveling. Hopefully, those around you won’t mind the smell of tuna!

beef jerky packets

Beef Jerky Packets

Another good protein option, in single-serve packets, and perfect for traveling. These are especially handy in vegetarian-based cultures (if you are not vegetarian), or perhaps in places where you shouldn’t eat the meat on the menu…

nuun tabs

Nuun Tabs

A sugar-free, electrolyte supplement with many flavor options. These are the best for combating dehydration whether it comes from health-related reasons, flying, climate, or being hungover.

instant oatmeal

Instant Oatmeal

For emergency warm breakfasts, all you need is hot water!

bonk breakers

Bonk Breaker Energy Bars

These are great for working out and traveling. There are some protein-based bars, and all are gluten-free. Avoid the protein almond flavor, it’s very bland.

lara bar

Lara Bars

These are Megan’s favorite granola bars to travel with. They have a variety of flavors, from chunky fruits to nuts and even cookie dough for the sweet tooth!

What snacks do you travel with to stay healthy while traveling?

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