BMT 74: From Peace Corps Volunteer to Business Owner in Moldova with Expat David Smith

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Today we head to Chișinău, Moldova, where entrepreneur and American expat David Smith is making positive changes in community development by starting his own small businesses.

He started as a Peace Corps volunteer and has set up a life there, and he’s here today to share his trials and triumphs along the way, along with some meat, beer, and goofy people stories.

About David

David is an entrepreneur in The Republic of Moldova who has been running an American BBQ restaurant there called Smokehouse for the past year.

Prior to Smokehouse, David was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Moldova and Kazakhstan and all told has spent the better part of the last 5 years away from where he grew up in Northern Virginia.

In addition to running the restaurant and working on other business ventures, David maintains a blog (somewhat haphazardly) that chronicles the ups and downs (and sideways) of trying to conduct honest, bribe-free business in a country suffering from endemic corruption and endless bureaucracy.

If you ever want to hear stories about starting a business in Moldova or the general wackiness of the rarely-boring life here, saddle up a stool at the bar, order a craft brew and ask. David’s usually around.

Episode 74 Show Notes

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What a great episode that shows the power of entrepreneurship and free markets. I am saddened that most people here in the states do nothing but look to the government to fix their problems and David’s story shows the truth that it’s small business owners who are the engine of community development and they are the ones who create growth while the government simply interferes at every step of the way. Kudos for fighting to persevere and make a difference, man!

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