BMT 63: Find Your Courage Through Solo Travel: Jackie's Story

Jackie Nourse Solo Travel
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This is the hardest, yet also possibly the most important episode I’ve published to date. Together with Ginger Kern from The Traveler’s Mindset and Nathaniel Boyle from Holocene, we explore solo travel as a tool for personal growth and healing, by sharing my own personal story on the heels of my divorce. Through a number of hard questions and deep topics, and based around a piece I wrote recently: 5 Beautiful Lessons I Learned From Making the Hardest Decision of My Life, we discuss the unparalleled power of change, transformation, and strength that comes with traveling solo.

Meet Ginger and Nathaniel

Ginger Kern is a coach, TEDx speaker, a Fulbright alumna and the Curator of Global Shapers’ Boulder Hub. After working in Europe for over three years and traveling to 25 countries around the world by the age of 25, Ginger wanted to bring the ‘traveler’s mindset’ back to the United States. She saw that only 38% of Americans have their passport, she has since founded a non-profit called The Passport Project to change that stat. Through her transformative travel coaching, The Traveler’s Mindset, and speaking at universities and organizations across the U.S., Ginger’s work creates adventurous people who are confident and powerful on the road and in their everyday lives.

Nathaniel Boyle is an explorer and location-independent digital consultant, and frequent-flyer-mile-collector who’s circumnavigated the globe and been chased by dogs in four different countries. He grew up in Boston, which has always been his home base. He likes craft coffee, beer, weird food, baseball, Calvin & Hobbes, sharing stories and ideas, and trying anything new. He is the founder of Holocene, a digital publishing brand, a community for the curious and creative, and an agency for influencers within travel. The Holocene community is home to compelling stories, tools, resources, and experiences for those who travel for more than to see or do things but to find transformational experience beyond their routines.

Show Notes

My story on Traveling Jackie: 5 Beautiful Lessons I Learned From Making the Hardest Decision of My Life
Ted Talk by Taiye Selasi: Don’t Ask Me Where I’m From, Ask Where I’m a Local
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