BMT 059: From Solo Trips to Expat Life with Rachel Sales

Rachel Sales in Lucca Italy

Rachel is a fearless solo traveler turned married expat living in Tel Aviv, Israel, where she’s about to have her first baby. I hit her up for her best advice about solo female travel, including how she got to where she is, both geographically and career-wise, as she is the co-founder of an online travel company for women.

About Rachel

A traveler and writer, Rachel Sales’s two loves meet in Pink Pangea. Before launching Pink Pangea, Rachel worked in tourism, helping to connect young adults to meaningful volunteer and internship opportunities abroad. Rachel has traveled extensively in the Middle East and Europe and is constantly searching for flights to countries in Eastern Europe that haven’t become hot travel destinations—yet.

Rachel has worked with writers from all over the world, helping them to express their diverse travels in a multitude of formats. Having worked with thousands of women, she loves guiding writers in capturing exactly what was so meaningful about their journeys. Rachel has led writing workshops in Italy, Israel, and the USA. Each day, Rachel is inspired by the women she meets through Pink Pangea, who set out to see the world, armed with a love of adventure, curiosity, and passion.

Rachel holds a B.A. in English Literature and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Columbia University. She currently lives surrounded by palm trees in Tel Aviv, Israel with her husband, Ben.

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