BMT 003: How to Properly Choose a Destination

In this episode of The Budget Minded Traveler Podcast, I walk you through 7 questions that will help prepare you to choose just the right destination. Don’t go into your trip unprepared or setting yourself up for disappointment, use these tools to make sure choose your destination wisely.

Episode 3 Show Notes

Questions to Research About Your Chosen Destination Country

1. What is the country’s current civil state?

2. How much money will you need?

  • Go to, enter your country in the search bar, and within the overview of that country click on the money & costs link to get an idea of day to day expenses

3. Do you need a visa?

4. Do you need vaccinations?

  • Check out the Passports page on this website for more info, or go directly to the drop down list of countries on to look up country specific information about required and recommended vaccinations for your destination country
    • Use this link to find a clinic near you where you can get these vaccines administered
    • IMPORTANT: Whatever you do, DO NOT LOSE the official vaccination card they give you that proves that you have had the necessary immunizations. Take it with you when you travel, it is as valuable to you as your passport at some border crossings. (I had a very bad experience with this once…)

5. Will it be possible to see and do all you want to see and do in the time you have allotted?

mona lisa
Not spending too much time with Mona Lisa on our quick trip to Paris so that we could see everything else too!

6. Are you prepared for a language barrier?

  • If you don’t know what language they speak in _________, Google it. Then pack a phrasebook or get a translation app to help you out!

7. What will the weather really be like where you are headed?

bali monsoon
Welcome drinks at our hotel on Gili Trawangan, Lombok, Indonesia after having been caught outside, with ALL of our stuff, in a massive downpour during monsoon season.

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As a Study Abroad advisor I cannot stress enough how useful this is for students and travelers. Visas, vaccination requirements, budgeting and travel warnings are a hard thing for many who are traveling to grasp. This podcast lays it out in a very easy way to follow, ensuring to point out the important items to plan and look for. Thanks for simplifying the steps we need to take and bringing up points we may forget leaving us in less than desirable sticky situations!

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