BMT 65: First Time Travel Planning Help, Featuring Italy

Join us for part 2 of a conversation with first-time solo traveler Anjie Mikesell, who is about to set off for the number one destination on her bucket list: ITALY. In this episode, we get into Italy travel tips and itinerary suggestions, along with a plethora of general first-time travel resources.

As part of a series featuring people who are making BIG travel plans, we get an idea of what Anjie is planning now, and then we will catch up with her in the future to find out how everything went, what she thought, and what she learned. Click here to listen to her future episode!

Rome Colosseum

Meet Anjie

Anjie Mikesell grew up in Livingston, Montana. When she was ready to spread her wings and fly, she moved… 25 miles away from that same small town. While she only moved 20 minutes away to Bozeman, she found herself in a place where she had everything that she loved right at her fingertips. She had her family close, a great career, and beautiful mountains full of wide-open spaces and trails to explore for days.

However, there was one thing that was missing from her life, and no matter what she did, she could not resist that tug at her heart and the deep need to travel. Anjie is finally pursuing her dream to travel to Italy. She will be heading out on her adventure in April. This trip has been on the top of her bucket list for a number of years and she is so incredibly excited to have the opportunity to pursue her dream.

Show Notes

Listen to Part 1 of this episode where we tackle Anjie’s questions about safety and facing this trip alone: BMT 64: First Time Traveler Safety Tips & Tricks

Listen to Part 3, where we talk about Anjie’s RESULTS from her first solo trip to Italy!

Italy Travel Tips we covered during our conversation:

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