BMT 039: Long-Term Travel in Retirement with Kris & Tom from Travel Past 50

I want to be just like Kris & Tom when I grow up.

They started traveling 5 years ago, after officially retiring from their publishing careers, and they haven’t stopped yet. Now in their early sixties, they don’t have a home base, they follow opportunity and wanderlust to the far corners of the earth, like the one they are in during this interview.

Travel in Retirement

Coming to you live from Egypt, Kris & Tom are here to share all about work, travel, being homeowners versus being vagabonds, finding deals on the road, and the endlessly wonderful and powerful effects of the travel bug.

Check out the video clip below to view a glimpse of Kris & Tom’s humor and insight, then listen to the full episode for all their expert advice about how to make travel in retirement an affordable lifestyle.

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About Kris & Tom

Tom Bartel and Kristin Henning are the former owners and publishers of various newspapers and magazines based in the Twin Cities of Minnesota.

They have been on the road more or less non-stop since 2010. They’ve been to over 50 countries so far, and are planning on knocking off another dozen or so this year.

Kris and Tom blog about their travels at Travel Past 50, or you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest at @travelpast50.

Episode 39 Show Notes

What you will hear in this episode

“So we sold our house, so we sold our stuff, SO WHAT.” -Kris

“The more we travel, the more I want to travel, the more we see, the more I want to see.” -Kris

“It’s cheaper for us to be on the road than it was to own a house.” -Tom

An inspiring account of two travelers who sold everything they own to chase their dreams and find themselves again in the wonder of travel. They are full of advice and tips for what they did to save money for their travels, as well as how they save money during their travels.

And, they are just plain awesome people with great senses of humor (just watch this video).

Links and resources mentioned in this episode

Kris & Tom’s advice for others considering this type of travel:

  • Pack light – this post will help (don’t bring backup supplies, you can buy things everywhere)
  • Alternate travel (hotels, renting apartments, be a tourist, be a resident, stay in hostels – switch it up!)
  • Use multiple search engines like Skyscanner, Kayak, Hipmunk, and non-US carriers. Listen here for help finding the best deals on flights.
  • Travel in the off-season
  • Go to unpopular places
  • Read the news, register with the State Department
  • Talk to locals to find out where to go and what is safe
  • Be respectful of the culture!

Kris & Tom’s travel blog – Travel Past 50

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