BMT 027: Peru Travel Tips – Machu Picchu Trek & More

If Machu Picchu is not already on your bucket list, put it on there right now.

Then listen to this episode, which is all about Peru travel tips. I cover immunizations, plane tickets, packing, booking tours, hiking Machu Picchu, and traveling all throughout the country.

Do you still have questions? Ask them in the comments section below, I will try to answer whatever I can!

Peru Travel Tips

Episode 27 Show Notes

What you will hear in this episode:

I had a lot of questions before I went to Peru, so I try my best to start from the beginning and answer these questions as I take you through a 3-week trip that we did 3 years ago.

We get into details about immunizations, what you need, where to find out the current requirements, and where you can get these administered to you, and the importance of taking care of this early.

I love packing and I know you probably don’t, so I make it easy by taking you through a packing list, which you can also find below and in more depth in this Machu Picchu and Peru Packing List post.

Lastly, I take you on a recommended route throughout Peru, offering suggestions of activities along the way.

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Suggested Route

Lima – Cusco (book your MP tour) – Machu Picchu – Cusco – Arequipa (Colca Canyon- condors!) – Ica (Huacachina and sand dunes) – Paracas (Paracas National Reserve and Islas Ballestas tour) – Lima

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8 replies on “BMT 027: Peru Travel Tips – Machu Picchu Trek & More”

Thank you, so glad you are enjoying the show!
1. I cannot really speak to this, as I went 5 years ago, but I can’t imagine it would be too bad because there is so much competition.
2. Yes. You will see, there are SO many tour operators in the main square.
3. “Safe” has so many moving parts. Keep your common sense about you, trust your gut, better safe than sorry. Hostels are generally safe and secure places, as everyone is there for the same reasons. Be careful with overnight buses and taxis, just make sure you’re with good companies and real taxi cabs, and don’t leave your bags unattended. Ask around and do your research. Tourism is a major part of the economy in Peru, they are used to travelers, just be smart, which is the same thing I will say about anywhere else in the world.
Have fun!

hi Jackie, listening to your podcast has inspired me to go to Peru and given me some great ideas and also headaches in trying to decide on what to do once there! I’m travelling from the uk so want to make the most of my visit to Peru. I’m there for 2 weeks and have narrowed down a possible plan of the following..
arrive Lima
day 1 fly to cusco
day 2 cusco
day 3 MP (Lares trail or Inka)
day 4 MP
day 5 MP
day 6 MP
day 7 Rainbow Mountain 1 day tour
day 8 travel to ariquipa
day 9 Colca canyon
day 10 Colca Canyon
day 11 travel to Ica
day 12 Huacachina
day 13 travel to Lima – return flight.
how do you think this looks? is it possible or am i trying to fit too much in?? also would you advise on pre-booking accommodation for every day of this tour as i am unsure of the travelling arrangements and arrival times etc between locations.. ahh help!! jay x

Hi Jay! That’s great that you’re heading to Peru. Your itinerary actually looks almost exactly the same as my trip through Peru, which I did in 3 weeks, so perhaps that helps, but I do think this is doable as long as you’re okay with a couple overnight buses. Our extra days were spent in Lima and Cusco, we also hit Paracas and only spent an afternoon in Huacachina. You don’t need to pre book accommodations, except it might help for the first couple days you are there. We booked all of ours through local tour operators or just a day ahead of time and it was pretty easy. Good luck!! Have a great time!

Great blog and podcast! Not to create dispute here, but when did you say you hiked the inca trail? I’m living down here in Peru and researching a trip to Macchu picchu. Everyone I talk to says to book hike early or it will sell out and the absolute cheapest I’ve found is $500! You mentioned you paid less than 200… How can that be?! Should I risk not finding an opening and wait and book at the Cusco plaza instead of online?

Hey Anna!
We did our MP trek in November of 2011, and as I said we did not do the traditional Inca trail, we did the Inka Jungle trail which was definitely less than $200 (and it was awesome). However, we did have the option to do the Inca Trail on the spot if we wanted to, but it would have cost maybe twice as much or so if I can recall. I’m sure the tour operators in Cusco offer the most competitive prices possible, but if you aren’t there to check then yes it is a risk that there might not be spots. Perhaps you can call a few and talk directly to them? I just know from our experience that there were plenty of spots when we were there! I hope this helps, good luck and keep asking around, let us know what you end up doing!

Hi Jackie,
Thank you for your newest podcast. Peru is #1 on our bucket list and we are planning a trip next year but will have only 10 days. Machu Picchu is a must but what else would recommend if we have 3 extra days in Peru? Would Arequipa and Colca Canyon or Ica or Paracas worth the visit and do you think 3 days would be enough for one of them?
Thank you!

Hi Kremena! I think 10 days is a great amount of time for Peru. An itinerary that would make the most sense to me would be to head to Cusco from Lima and then continue on to Puno at Lake TIticaca to the floating villages in your extra three days. There is an airport there, so you could easily get back to Lima in no time, which is important in Peru! That would 100% be my suggestion, I think it would be the most worth it and make the most sense itinerary-wise.

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