BMT 93: Plan a Sailing Trip Like a Pro with Costas Mantratzis

Laugh with us today as Costas and I get into how to plan a sailing trip.

Costas is from Greece and has been putting together sailing trips with his friends for almost 20 years, so he knows what he’s talking about!

Sit back and take notes as the pro dishes out the details for pricing, budgeting, food, people, destinations, boats, skippers, packing, seasickness, and more. Just don’t listen at work and try to hide it, you’ll laugh out loud too much.

greece sailing trip
how to plan a sailing trip

About Costas

Costas Mantratzis is a Stockholm-based technologist and a constant traveler in search of his next place to call home.

He has lived in six countries but is most at home on a sailing yacht somewhere between all of them. Despite years of travel experience, he still stuffs his backpack with all sorts of “just-in-case” photo gadgets and likes to pretend they weigh nothing while lugging them up steep slopes just to get the right shot.

Costas’ YouTube channel – he creates amazing videos from his travels!

Fun fact: Costas and I met in the depths of Patagonia, Argentina during Christmas 2017! Here’s a photo of us stuffing our faces with ALL THE BEEF.

carne maximo

Episode 93 Show Notes

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Listen to this episode to hear us talk about:

  • Google sailboats for rent in _____ (just like renting a car)
  • Rent yachts “Bare boat” or with a skipper
  • €1,000/wk with skipper – going rental rate in europe
  • Tips for Greece sailing trips
  • How to rent a sailboat with a skipper
  • Sailing in the Mediterranean
  • Sailing in Greece, Croatia, Italy, Whitsundays
  • Biggest problem with planning a sailing trip
  • Best types of people for sailing trips
  • How to create a successful flotilla
  • Sailing boat bed situations and facilities
  • Packing for sailing trips
  • Tips for preventing seasickness

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