BMT 013: Ask Jackie Session 1 – Listener Travel Questions Answered

Travel Questions

YOUR Travel Questions, Answered

Join us for this Q&A session as we tackle 6 travel questions about gifts for hosts, resources for young travelers, outlet adapters and voltage converters, Workaway for families, price trends for budget airlines, and how to eat local cuisine on a small budget. This is the first of the Ask Jackie Sessions where listeners like you get your questions answered on the podcast, complete with a shoutout! Thanks for listening, and keep the questions coming!

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Episode 13 Show Notes

Question 1 from Michelle (1:45):

What kinds of gifts do you bring hosts you stay with for free? Do you need to give to Airbnb hosts? Are gifts expected? How does that work?

Question 2 from Claudine (6:42):

Are there any tips for youngsters like me who want to travel but have very limited resources, and I’m talking about money? I’m 20 years old, last time I checked my university’s study abroad program, the cost for a quarter program was around $9k, and $5k for a summer program.

Question 3 from Pete (13:15):

Should I buy 2 adapters for myself? Should I buy a voltage converter?

Question 4 from Megan (19:44):

Are there any programs similar to Workaway that are designed for families?

Question 5 from Michelle (22:18):

Does the same rule of booking on Tuesdays apply to budget airlines? Is it normal for the price to be so high so close to the departure date?

Question 6 from Amy (24:25):

We love to try new foods in the places where we travel.  Unfortunately, we find that this always takes up a huge portion of our budget.  Any tips on eating the local cuisine on a smaller budget?

  • Try street food
  • Avoid tourist trap restaurants (in prominent locations, with people trying to lure you in, full of tourists rather than locals, comfort food on the menu, etc.)
  • Take a walk far away from the main attractions to find the best food and the best prices

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