BMT 060: Solo Female Travel, A Dangerous Business? With Amanda Williams

Amanda Williams

Today we get down to business with Amanda Williams, solo female traveler extraordinaire, who has all the answers to the most asked questions about solo female travel, such as:

  • Isn’t solo travel dangerous as a female?
  • How do you keep your money/valuables safe?
  • How do you deal with loneliness?
  • What are the best destinations for solo travel?

About Amanda

Amanda is just a small-town Ohio girl trying to balance a “normal” life with a desire to discover the world beyond her Midwest bubble. Through her blog, A Dangerous Business, she hopes to prove to people that traveling (and especially traveling as a woman) doesn’t have to be scary, lonely, or out of anybody’s reach.

Amanda’s blog: A Dangerous Business

Amanda’s popular posts about solo travel:

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So glad you talked about first time solo travel so thoroughly! You answered so many of the questions I have had and didn’t know how to ask! Can’t wait to take my first trip this year!

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