BMT 037: Story Time: Travel’s Priceless Moments

Travel's Priceless Moments

We often talk about the cost of travel, but today we dig into the real value of the experience. These are stories about the priceless moments that can only come from traveling the world. I go back more than ten years to bring you four travel stories of encounters I’ve had that were unexpected and at the same time taught me a huge lesson. Grab your tea or coffee and get comfortable, and enjoy as I take you around the world through these real, invaluable moments.

Episode 37 Show Notes

What you will hear in this episode:

Four stories that will take you to Italy, Germany, and Costa Rica, leaving you (hopefully) feeling inspired to travel, thankful, and ready to live in the moment.

Links and resources mentioned in this episode:

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7 replies on “BMT 037: Story Time: Travel’s Priceless Moments”

Hi Jackie! It was so nice
hearing your stories, thank you so much so sharing!
I’ve not been travelling for a long time now, and hearing some of yours bring back some titbits of mine, so I thought I’d share one. About 2 years ago I hitchhiked the entire distance (except
one flight Turkey-Egypt) from the UK until I got to South Africa. As you might imagine, the whole trip overflowed with moments like the ones you’ve mentioned, where people inexplicably go out of their way to help you, and leave you dumbfounded at their kindness.
One of my favourite memories is from when I’d reached Ethiopia and was (absolutely lost) in some area in the south of the country (I still to this day have no idea where I was) on my way towards Kenya. I’d been picked up 3 building contractors early in the day, and they had taken me out and bought me breakfast, bought me water and food for my following journey, driven me miles out of their way to get me in the right direction and chased after other cars to try and find me my next ride (these are each individually beautiful stories in their own right). After about an
hour of driving they had to go back (as they were supposed to be on their way to work when they picked me up!), they found me a shaded spot, reasonably isolated where I could see the length of the road. They then got out and sat with me and waited! I couldn’t believe that after all the incredible things they’d already done to help me and care for me, they were going to wait with me until they knew I was safely on my way! Luckily, one of the men spoke a very broken English, so I asked him – ‘Why are you doing this for me?’ To which he responded:
“Because we are human, and this is what we do for each other.”
Which is possibly the most beautiful thing anyone has ever said to me.
Happy travelling!

This is a moment from years ago. It is small but I was transformed by it to a more open and friendly person. Youth is filled with misconceptions.
It was at this very point that I began to relax and fall in love with Italy. I know that is what
everybody since Byron has said but in my case, this is THE instant that it happened. It was all because I read too many guide book warnings about the Milan train station.
I sat with the bags while Barbara and Bob looked for something to eat. I started watching the people pass by. After a couple minutes of imagining gangs descending on me and running amok with our gear.
I was charmed by a small older lady. She had bags of groceries and was laboring across the station. She made eye contact with me and said “buongiorno” and smiled. She was clearly not worried and neither should I have been. I had a good laugh at myself and I felt the tension melt away and begin to take it all in.

Loved hearing the stories! Reminded me of one of my favorite travel stories, when my husband and I road tripped the US east coast, Boston through Maine. We were tent camping in New Hampshire, and right after we set up our tent, it started raining. It was light enough that we were able to cook dinner over the fire, but then started pouring. We headed to the lodge and spent the evening huddled by the fire on an overstuffed couch. It’s the simple things, and really all about your attitude. Rain could ruin an evening outside, but instead I have simple, cozy, memories of hanging out in the lodge, chatting, journaling, and playing cards. Love it!

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