BMT 98: The Hardest Part of Travel is Returning Home: Reflecting with the Bensons

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We first met the Bensons, a family of five, in episode 67 when they were preparing to take a giant leap, sell their house, and travel around the world for a year.

We caught up with them again halfway through their trip while they were in South America to see what that trip ended up looking like (episode 76). Today, we get to chat with them again, now that they have been back in the US for over a year. This is a hard conversation, and we ask the question, “How do you keep the travel spirit alive at home after a huge adventurous trip has passed?”

Returning “home” is often the hardest part of travel, and not letting go of the life changes, but instead figuring out how to apply them to your new “normal” is the confusing part.

Join us today as we reflect on the Benson’s family trip and how it’s permanently changed their lives, and as we dig into this question, the possibilities and opportunities that surround us, and how to take appropriate action in moving forward and adjusting to a new normal.

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