BMT 79: Travel Game Show with Podcasters Derek Loudermilk and Hayden Lee

Jackie Nourse
Derek Loudermilk
Hayden Lee

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Game show? Yes! Because I love games, I am going to be hosting travel themed game shows more regularly on the BMT podcast. For each game show episode, I will have guests who work in the travel industry, whether they are bloggers, podcasters, or other travel media influencers, all of whom are well-experienced in travel, with plenty of stories and advice to share. We will take turns answering randomly selected questions about travel experiences and preferences, some of which were asked by YOU in the BMT Community. Some are light and fun, some are big and serious, all are entertaining.

Today’s guests are Derek Loudermilk, host of the Art of Adventure podcast, and Hayden Lee, host of Travel Stories Podcast. Hayden is also our audio engineer for the BMT podcast, so for the first time, we get to hear his voice on the show! Join us for a round of laughs, interesting facts about ourselves as travelers, thoughts about travel, stories, advice, and more.

Episode 79 Show Notes

Gameshow Questions:

Is there any aspect of travel that still scares you and how do you overcome that fear? (Or do you just avoid it?)

Jackie: On Being Brave When Fear Comes Knocking, Even Superwoman Gets Lonely

What advice would you give to your younger self about traveling and living life to the fullest?

Derek: Try all the stuff and don’t worry, because you’ll find your way out of it.

Hayden: Look at all your stuff and half it, then half it again, and then let’s half it again.

Jackie: Trust the decision, even when I’m the only one who’s deciding it.

Where did you buy your latest backpack or luggage?

H: RiutBag

J: Osprey Farpoint 55, weekender bag from Target

D: REI wheeled bag

What is the longest time you have been away from home? Have you ever made a prior plan to meet a stranger in a new place while traveling?


Is there anything that still surprises you while they are abroad, or while preparing for a trip?

J: That time I forgot to pick up my bag from baggage claim

What is your biggest, boldest, wildest goal in life?

What kind of music do you listen to while you travel?

  • Reggaeton!
  • Takk by Sigur Ros
  • Grace by Jeff Buckley
  • Ed Sheeran – Newton Faulkner
  • Michael Franti

Who are the people you’ve met while traveling that has impacted your life the most and how?

J: Ode to Gaby

Where are you now?

When did you start traveling?

Where were you ten years ago?

About Derek

Derek Loudermilk is one of the worlds leading experts on adventure. He is a professional adventurer, former pro cyclist, scientist, and host of the Art of Adventure and Uncharted Family podcasts.
After a near-death experience with a blood clot in his brain, Derek dropped out of his Microbiology Ph.D. program and began traveling full time to learn about and teach how adventure can lead to a more fulfilling life.

In his quest to understand the future of entrepreneurship around the world, Derek has traveled to every US state, 35 countries, and lived on 4 continents as a digital nomad. He is the author of Conductors: Orchestrate the Next Big Thing and the Better Business Book
Derek is a proud papa to his new baby son, Axel, and travels the world as a family with his partner Heidi.

Find Derek:

About Hayden

Hayden Lee is the traveling son of a hippie and a biker. Originally from the UK, he is a punk rock musician and award-nominated Sound Designer who found that the answers to his questions lie in the hostels of South America, the floors of Vietnamese villagers’ kitchens, and elsewhere on the road.

In hopes of inspiring more people to ‘go within by heading out’, he is also the producer of Travel Stories Podcast, where guests bring in inspiring stories from their travels. Listen to Jackie do a takeover on Hayden’s show!

Find Hayden:

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