BMT 016: Traveling with Kids, from THEIR Perspective

Traveling With Kids

Adults, step aside, this one is about the kids! In this episode, I interview three kids whose families traveled abroad long-term. Sisters Allie and Noelle, ages 14 and 11, spent three months touring Europe in a van with their parents. That’s right; they lived in a van in Europe for three months. Graham, 14, lived in Indonesia for an entire year with his family. These three brave kids share all about what they learned, what they liked and disliked, and how these trips have changed their lives and their relationships with their families. If you are considering traveling with kids, don’t miss this episode!

Episode 16 Show Notes

Allie & Noelle

At the ages of 11 and 8, Allie and Noelle traveled with their parents around Europe in a VW van for three months. They visited 14 countries, covered 6,895 km by van, train, and boat, climbed 104,483 stairs, and tackled Central Europe’s longest underground wooden slide (Noelle’s favorite memory).

Allie & Noelle’s parents kept a blog of their trip, which you can find here.

traveling with kids
Allie, 11 & Noelle, 8 in Paris
Traveling with Kids in a VW Van
Allie, Noelle, and their parents with their VW van in Europe
Family Travel Europe


Graham is a 14 year old Bozemanite whose father received a Fullbright Scholarship to spend a year teaching in the remote Indonesian village of Salatiga. He was in 6th grade at the time, and this trip ended up being an amazing, life-changing experience the shaped the direction of his childhood. 

Graham in Indonesia
Indonesian Locals
Graham and Brother Indonesia

Graham’s Expert Travel Advice

  • “Don’t do things at the last minute… do them at the first minute so you have time to do them!”
  • “If you want to have big experiences, take every single opportunity… If someone invites you to dinner even if you already have other plans, just do it!”
  • “Leave your hotel and go do something… if you’re bored go do something new!”