BMT 80: #Vanlife with Photographer Andy Austin

Andy Austin

One year ago, Montana photographer Andy Austin bought a converted van and moved his life onto the road. Since then he has chased countless sunrises and sunsets, dealt with check engine lights, had coffee over campfires, and collected endless stories under the stars, sometimes down by the river, sometimes in Walmart parking lots. Today, he joins us on the show to share the highs and lows of the not-always-glamorous experience he wouldn’t exchange for anything: the reality behind the romanticized #vanlife.

About Andy and Vanlife


Andy Austin is a Montana-based adventure travel photographer currently living on the road in a converted van. Graduating with honors in Psychology in 2013, Andy also played football during his four and a half years at Montana State University. His clients include National Geographic Traveller, the World Wildlife Fund, Reebok, Danner Boots, Garmin GPS and more. Andy’s goal is to inspire his social media followers to get out and see the beautiful world around them, even if it’s in their own backyard.

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Episode 80 Show Notes

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2 replies on “BMT 80: #Vanlife with Photographer Andy Austin”

I am listening to Vanlife at this moment. I am 61 years old. To those people that chose to “settle down” instead of travelling, I say “What is stopping you now? You have filled your life with choices. Too old, too late are excuses. Stop making excuses and travel now.”

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