BMT 036: Where to Find TRUSTED House & Pet Sitters So You Can Travel with Julie Smith

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You may remember Julie Smith, who shared with us about strategically moving overseas with your corporate American job in episode 29. She is still living it up in London and is back to introduce us to a program she has discovered that is “a lifesaver” and “the best thing ever” that she has discovered in the world of traveling. Julie swears by a website called Trusted House Sitters ( which allows travelers to meet trusted people to take care of their houses and pets while they are away. Julie shares the ins and outs of this exchange, tips for finding the right matches, why the program is a safe bet, and the many successes she has had with it.

About Julie

Julie Smith, along with her husband Drew and their dog Basil, moved to London in 2013. They were able to use her work in corporate America to secure a contract as expats (check out episode 29), so they can enjoy a life of travel without losing the security of a full-time job.

These days they enjoy drinking lots of tea, walking around the limitless parks of London, and bouncing around Europe on the weekends. To hear more about their adventures, follow them on their blog

Julie and Drew Cloudesley

Episode 36 Show Notes

What you will hear in this episode:

Julie introduces us to Trusted Housesitters offering her own, unaffiliated opinions about the program and the success she has seen with it.

She travels Europe often and refers to this program as the best thing that has ever happened to her for traveling. Today we find out why she loves it and recommends it to everyone who travels.

Not only can you find others to take care of your house and pets, but you can sign up to be a house sitter and essentially travel abroad without paying anything for accommodations when you house sit for someone.

Links and resources mentioned in this episode:

Current prices as of publishing:

  • Annual Home Owner & House Sitter Plan: $7.99/mo or $95.88 upfront
  • 6 Month Plan to be either one: $14.99/mo or $89.94 upfront
  • 3 Month Plan to be either one: $23.99/mo or $71.97 upfront
  • 1 Month to be a Home Owner: $49.99

USE PROMO CODE: BMT10 FOR 10% OFF ALL PLANS! Click here to sign up

Trusted HouseSitters coupon Code

Thanks again to Julie for sharing this gold mine of a program with us!

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