BMT 042: Work with Sea Turtles in Baja California Sur with RED Travel Mexico

Work with Sea Turtles in Baja

It’s so much more than working with sea turtles. I just returned from an incredible week exploring Baja California Sur, during which we stayed at RED Travel Mexico’s camp in Magdalena Bay for a night.

The location of this camp is in the middle of nowhere, accessible only by unmarked dirt roads and boats. The effort these guys have put in to build their camp is incredible.

It is a magical place that works in the name of connecting and educating people for sea turtle conservation. Join me on an adventure to this camp as I interview RED Travel Mexico’s founder Luis Garduño.

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About RED Travel Mexico

At RED, we see travel as a vehicle for change, and through our projects create the space for that change to occur. Much more than a tour operator, RED links community development with wildlife and habitat conservation through tourism, implementing projects that go beyond sustainability to regeneration of habitat, communities, traditions and culture.

RED is a hybrid social enterprise that combines a for-profit tour operator that offers world class Conservation Adventures, with a non-profit organization that provides training, small business incubation and technical assistance in rural communities throughout northwest Mexico. The two independent vehicles share the same objectives to:

  • Create sustainable employment alternatives
  • Generate direct benefits for conservation and natural resource management
  • Drive tourism development in Mexico towards more sustainable and regenerative models

Visit for more information.

Episode 42 Show Notes

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Thanks again to Luis for sharing with us!

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