10 Best Travel Gifts For Her For Any Occasion

You’ll find innovative, useful, fun, or simply pretty gifts on this list of best travel gifts for her. Share it with your family, friends, or perhaps your honey before Valentine’s Day, your birthday, Christmas, anniversary.

Or have fun shopping for yourself! We all know we don’t need an excuse to buy ourselves a gift on a random Tuesday.

Happy travels!

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Best Travel Gifts For Her

1. Infinity Scarf with Hidden Pocket

A pink infinity scarf with a hidden pocket, displaying contents such as a passport, phone, sunglasses, and cash.

The first item on this list of travel gift ideas is fashionable AND so useful at the same time. An infinity scarf with a hidden zipper pocket not only prevents pick-pockets but also allows you to go hands-free or purse-free. Genius.

The scarves by Waypoint Goods come in so many colors and designs there’s a style for everyone.

2. Scarf Camera Strap

A Canon DSLR camera equipped with a red and black plaid camera strap, accompanied by two quick-release connectors.

Not only are camera straps uncomfortable in the first place, but they also usually have rubber on one side that pulls hair with every movement.

What a brilliant idea this is to combine fashion and utility to create a camera strap we actually WANT to wear. There are so many patterns to choose from!

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3. Map Necklace

Three bronze chain necklaces, each with a round pendant featuring a different map location under glass, resting on a world map.
© BjeweledVintage Etsy Shop

One of my best friends, whom I met studying abroad in Costa Rica over ten years ago, gifted me one of these with the country of Costa Rica in it.

I LOVE it. I don’t normally wear jewelry, but this is more than jewelry for me; it represents a year’s worth of memories of studying abroad and makes me think of my friend whenever I wear it.

This would make the perfect travel gift for a close friend you met while traveling!

Buy on Etsy.com – search “Custom Map Necklace”

4. Travel Hair Dryer

A blue BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium hair dryer, featuring adjustable heat and speed settings, with a compact and ergonomic design for easy handling.

No travel gift guide would be complete without this useful but often overlooked travel tool. This specific style of hair dryer is the best travel hair dryer out there for three reasons:

  1. It folds up (great for packing)
  2. It comes with a concentrator accessory
  3. This one is the kicker: it has dual voltage!

These three reasons mean you can use it in Asia, Europe, the US, Latin America, and more. One-stop-shop and done.

Read our post where we compare several different brands of dual voltage hair dryers for you.

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5. FlipBelt (Money Belt)

A blue FlipBelt, designed for hands-free storage while exercising, featuring multiple pockets for holding essentials like keys, phones, and cards securely around the waist.

I love this FlipBelt because of its slim, non-bulky design. You can run with this belt and forget it’s there.

It has four pockets all around it for you to store your phone, keys, money, credit cards, etc., and then you flip it inside out, and it essentially locks the pockets by putting them up against your skin.

It is unnoticeable under the right tops and offers the opportunity to go hands-free or purse-free. No more fanny pack, no more awkward zipper/buckle money belts (not like we wear those – ahem).

6. Running Skort

A black Mountain Hardwear activewear skirt, designed for comfort and mobility, featuring a wide waistband and subtle side ruching for a stylish and functional fit during physical activities.

I own two of these babies and wear them constantly when I travel to warm destinations. The ones I use have hidden pockets (make sure to get a style with hidden pockets) for keys, credit cards, even phones.

They are moisture-wicking, which means they are perfect for any athletic activity. Yet they are also skirts that can easily be dressed up if need be!

I will never travel to warm destinations without my running skorts, and I highly recommend you try them out. Read my full review – and see photos of me wearing my travel skirts around the world.

Buy from Mountain Hardwear, Backcountry, or REI

7. Scratch-Off World Map

A world map designed for travelers to scratch off the gold foil coating of countries and regions they have visited, revealing a colorful map underneath. The map comes with a rolled-up version for easy storage or display.

It is such a fun project to scratch off each country as you make your way around the world. This beauty comes in two sizes, and I recommend the bigger one. I have the small one, which I love, but I’d prefer it if it were bigger on my wall. It sits in a frame made of reclaimed wood (without the glass), and it’s a beautiful addition to my wall art.

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8. Solid Perfume

A tube of Garden Botanika Heart solid perfume, containing 0.5 oz (14 g) of the product. The packaging features a floral design with pink and white petals.

Next time you carry on only, try a solid perfume instead of a bottle of pesky liquid. Solid perfumes are growing in popularity (so there are many scents to choose from), and they travel so easily! Rub it on your pulse points and smell delicious.

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9. Selfie Stick

Three telescopic poles with black and yellow handles, each holding a GoPro camera. The poles are shown at different lengths, with one fully collapsed, one partially extended, and one fully extended. The image includes an illustration indicating the twist-lock mechanism for extending and locking the poles.

A GoPro selfie stick is a perfect gift for adventurous travelers. Snap selfies on the go, whether you’re walking the streets, on a bike tour in Austria, or riding the waves on a surfboard.

If you (or your gift recipient) are not a GoPro user, get a selfie stick that you can use with your iPhone (or Android phone). This one is great because it’s light and compact, and it has Bluetooth capabilities.

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10. Portable USB Charger

A compact, cylindrical blue Anker portable charger with a USB port and power button on one end. The Anker logo is printed in white on the body of the charger.
A multi-functional charging cable with a black braided exterior, featuring a USB connector on one end and four different connectors (two Lightning, one micro-USB, and one USB-C) on the other end. The connectors have silver tips with black bases.

If you’re going to be out all day sightseeing, make sure your electronics don’t die with this portable USB charger. I own two of these, and each one can fully charge my phone at least once.

Alternatively, Anker makes a portable charger that will charge your phone several times a day – for girls who like to document everything while they travel. It’s only slightly larger, so will still fit in a small purse or bag.

Ensure the right cords for your electronics or an all-in-one USB cord like the one pictured here. It’s an amazing thing to be able to charge your phone right in your purse.

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11: Bonus Travel Gifts for Women

Budget savvy women will appreciate a quality travel backpack. Check out our reviews for the Osprey Packs Meridian 60L 22″ Wheeled Carry On or Osprey Farpoint 55Patagonia MLC 45L, and Gregory Jade 50

I’m sure they would appreciate some practical travel gear such as:

As a last resort, you can never go wrong with a gift card to REI, Apple, iTunes, or their favorite store where they can get whatever fun travel gifts their heart desires. 

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