Travel Backpack Review: Gregory Jade 50

Finding the perfect travel backpack is like finding your favorite pair of jeans.

They are personal. It can take a lot to find just the right brand, quality, comfort, style, cost, or even color to fit the bill of what you need or want. And what you end up with may be completely different than what your travel buddies get.

The bottom line about backpacks is that they need to work for YOU and be just what YOU need to make hauling your stuff around a success.

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I have found my match!

If you haven’t seen my video How to Choose the Perfect Travel Backpack, I recommend you watch that one now so you can understand exactly what you should be looking for in a good backpack in the first place.

In the next video below, I take the information presented in the first video a step further to apply it to my Gregory Jade 50.

Watch now to learn how the Gregory Jade 50 earned its status as my go-to travel pack for many years.

Where to Buy Gregory Jade 50

My Gregory Jade 50 is a women’s size small, and I got it at the REI Outlet. Remember to search backpacks on the REI Outlet for a chance to save some money!

This is a HUGE money saver and REI offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you just can’t go wrong with that! Check out your local REI store or shop REI online for the backpack of your choice.

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I carry this pack as a carry-on just about everywhere I go, and as a daypack I use an over the shoulder purse. If you’re living somewhere for a year, the size of this pack would definitely be big enough to get your stuff over there and then small enough to carry-on for short, even on budget airlines!

I’m trying to purchase the pack but I’m not sure if S is appropriate for me. I’m 5’8 and 150lbs. How tall are you and does that matter?

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