BMT 70: American Expat Life in Spain and Italy

(Last Updated On: February 2, 2021)

Teressa Canosa left the U.S. seven years ago to pursue her dream of living in Spain and learning Spanish. That has since turned into a residency permit, a Master’s Degree, and a spontaneous move to Italy, among many other adventures. In today’s episode, hear her story, find out what steps she took to get to where she is today, teaching English in a small town in Southern Italy.

Teressa Canosa

About Teressa (aka Tess)

Who is am I? It’s hard to pin down with words. I grew up in New England, studied journalism in Miami, and spent my twenties gallivanting around Madrid. Now at 30 I live in Lecce, a quaint, university town in Southern Italy where I seem to have finally found the long–awaited work-life balance I’ve always craved. I believe in quality of life above all else, and the value of “simple” things: fresh food, affordable healthcare, time to relax, and being engaged with the people around me. I’ve fought hard to stay in Europe where I feel – at least for now – most at home. I teach English and am also currently finishing my degree in Chinese medicine, so I can share this amazing healing art with others. I also help organize tours to give out-of-towners an authentic experience of all the beauty and culture that Salento (i.e. the heel of the boot) has to offer.

Episode 70 Show Notes

  • Schools in Spain – Transfer & Estudio Sotomayor
  • Cultural Ambassadors Program – auxiliaries de conversación
  • Pareja de Hecho – civil union (how she got her residency in Spain)
  • Teressa’s Southern Italy tours:

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