BMT 70: American Expat Life in Spain and Italy

Teressa Canosa left the U.S. seven years ago to pursue her dream of living in Spain and learning Spanish. That has since turned into a residency permit, a Master’s Degree, and a spontaneous move to Italy, among many other adventures. In today’s episode, hear her story, find out what steps she took to get to where she is today, teaching English in a small town in Southern Italy.

Teressa Canosa

About Teressa (aka Tess)

Who is am I? It’s hard to pin down with words. I grew up in New England, studied journalism in Miami, and spent my twenties gallivanting around Madrid. Now at 30 I live in Lecce, a quaint, university town in Southern Italy where I seem to have finally found the long–awaited work-life balance I’ve always craved. I believe in quality of life above all else, and the value of “simple” things: fresh food, affordable healthcare, time to relax, and being engaged with the people around me. I’ve fought hard to stay in Europe where I feel – at least for now – most at home. I teach English and am also currently finishing my degree in Chinese medicine, so I can share this amazing healing art with others. I also help organize tours to give out-of-towners an authentic experience of all the beauty and culture that Salento (i.e. the heel of the boot) has to offer.

Episode 70 Show Notes

  • Schools in Spain – Transfer & Estudio Sotomayor
  • Cultural Ambassadors Program – auxiliaries de conversación
  • Pareja de Hecho – civil union (how she got her residency in Spain)
  • Teressa’s Southern Italy tours:

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