BMT 85: Ask Jackie Session 6 – Apartments, Insurance, Transportation, Beer, and More

ask jackie

We’re back for another round of Ask Jackie because the questions are so good and so many!

Join us today to chat about the fear of traveling as a female, transportation logistics, choosing a destination, long-term apartments overseas, losing things and theft abroad, passports, travel insurance, and… craft beer. That’s right.

Episode 85 Show Notes

1:10 – How do you deal with fear of being raped or killed as a woman?

3:10 – What do you do when you are planning a trip to a less traveled region or country? How do you plan a trip when you have limited resources available to you?

5:10 – What is the best way to travel country to country in Europe?

8:47 – How Do You Find an Apartment Long-Term Abroad?

Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico Apartment Tour

Bariloche, Argentina Apartment Tour

14:50 – Have you ever lost your passport while traveling? If so, what did you do, and if not, what would you do?

17:30 – What should you do if you lose your things or they get stolen?
20:53 – How do you decide what trip to take next?

25:30 – How long or substantial does a trip have to be before you consider buying travel insurance? How soon do you have to buy travel insurance before your trip?

28:00 – Top 3 craft beers in the world, ranked.

πŸ™‚ Cheers!

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One reply on “BMT 85: Ask Jackie Session 6 – Apartments, Insurance, Transportation, Beer, and More”

Hi Chris! Are you in the BMT Community on Facebook? This would be a good question to ask there to get experiences from people who have done it. You should not need to get it this far in advance if you can’t even use it yet, which seems strange to me. Just wait and get it later – you can most likely get it on arrival (just check closer to the date and make sure you can do this, make sure you have all your proper paperwork), or you can always find a Bolivian embassy once you are on the road and get a visa issued there. I haven’t been to Bolivia yet, but I believe that as a US citizen, you can get it at any airport or land border crossing upon entry to Bolivia, just don’t forget your proof of Yellow Fever Vaccination! πŸ˜‰

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