BMT 058: The Beauty of Solo Female Travel, Even While Married, with Steph Yoder

Stephanie Yoder

In this episode, Steph Yoder, founder of Why Wait to See the World helps us kick off a new series about solo female travel.

As a solo traveler turned married traveler, Steph shares her take on what it really means to travel solo, why she still does it even though she is married, and why she believes everyone should travel solo at least once in their lives.

About Steph

Stephanie Yoder is a girl who can’t sit still! She took a career break in 2010 and never went back to her former 9-5 life. Over the past 5 years she’s been to dozens of countries and lived everywhere from Mexico to Buenos Aires to Xi’an, China.

She is now a full-time blogger and travel writer living in Seattle. She writes about her adventures across the globe on her website Why Wait to See the World.

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