BMT 011: 8 Secrets to Finding the Best Deals on Flights

In this solo episode of The Budget Minded Traveler podcast, I get into my 8 secrets to finding the best deals on flights. These are tips that anyone with an interest in saving money can put to action immediately to help them save on plane tickets. Stop letting the airlines win, and start taking advantage of the system. Your wallet will thank you!

Deals on Flights

Episode 11 Show Notes

My 8 Secrets to Finding the Best Deals on Flights:

1. Book in advance

  • Start looking as soon as you know what your travel dates are or when they may be
  • For last-minute deals – check out the blackout prices on

2. Book midweek

  • DON’T BOOK on a weekend
  • Tuesdays and Wednesdays are best

3. Fly midweek

  • Tuesdays through Thursdays are generally cheaper, but remember to check all combinations on this one

4. Avoid popular dates

  • Holidays and school breaks at home AND in your destination country

5. Be flexible

  • Try different dates, different airports (best hubs in Europe- Dublin, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt), one-way, multi-city, Round-the-World tickets, make sure your itinerary is comfortable (no long layovers, etc.), look at combo international and regional connector flights, check every possibility!
  • My post about packing light for Ryanair or EasyJet in Europe: Ninja Packing Tips

6. Research in advance across several different websites:

Update: Use Google flights – and here’s a trick – enter your departure airport and then put “Europe” or “South America” or wherever you want to go, think bigger, and use the map function. It will show you prices all over the place.

7. Buy directly from the airline whenever possible

  • Makes itinerary changes much easier and cheaper should anything come up

8. Be patient

  • For more of this info about flights, check out this guide to finding cheap flights right here on the blog, or pick up my book, it’s all in Chapter 2!