BMT 010: Overcoming First Time Traveler Fears with Andrea DeNucci

Andrea DeNucci

In this episode of The Budget Minded Traveler podcast, I interview Andrea DeNucci about overcoming her first-time traveler fears. She explains how she prepared for her first trip, what her fears were before the trip, and how she feels now that she has accomplished this goal of traveling internationally.

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About Andrea

Andrea DeNucci always knew she wanted to travel internationally, the problem for her was figuring out the best time to go and how to make it happen. With everything that life entails (school, work, pets, money, etc.), it was hard to find the perfect time to go. Growing up, her family traveled frequently within the United States but never overseas.

Then in February of 2014, she made the best decision of her life and made her first solo international trip to Thailand!! The trip was life-changing for her and she is so happy she took the leap and went!!

Andrea cannot wait to see where life takes her next and hopes for many more years of life-changing trips ahead.

Episode 10 Show Notes

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Andrea’s Advice to First Time Travelers

  • “If it crosses your mind, JUST GO.”
  • “No time will ever be the right time to go … it will all work out”
  • “Baby steps will get you there.”
  • “Don’t let any factors drag you down to think that you can’t go, because it can happen.”

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Super brave and very inspiring. I cannot think of how many times i have had similar conversations over the years. Great Podcast!!

Ya!! Great Podcast Jackie!! Thank you for asking me to do the Podcast!! It was an awesome
experience! And I am so excited for you that your Podcasts are booming
and inspiring people to go out and travel!! Congrats!!!!! You are one
amazing lady and I cannot thank you enough for helping me make my travel
dreams a reality!!!!!!

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