Best Fish Taco Truck in Baja – Hermanos Gonzales in La Paz (VIDEO)

It was love at first taste. I’ve had a lot of fish tacos in my short lifetime, but the ones from Hermanos Gonzales, I dare say, are my favorite.

During our stay in Baja in 2014, Nate and I ventured to La Paz for a weekend of fun in the sun and came across Hermanos Gonzales for the first time. We were only in La Paz three short days, and we became frequent visitors of the taco truck very quickly. 

On a recent trip back to Baja, I was able to find my way back to this very taco truck and indulge in its spicy goodness all over again. Join me as I get to relive the experience, and next time you’re in La Paz, Baja California Sur, check out Hermanos Gonzales for yourself! It’s located at the end of Calle Madero on Degollado, and for just a few bucks you can get two tacos and a real coca-cola. I can bet you won’t be disappointed.

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