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Ryanair Baggage Rules 2017

Update 2017: Ryanair is still going strong with 2 cabin bags allowed! Read on. The last time I flew Ryanair […]

Ryanair baggage restrictions 2015

5 Packing Tips for Traveling Women

Let’s face it, we all have to pack our bags when we travel, and this can be quite a difficult […]

5 Packing Tips for Traveling Women

Resources for First Time Travelers

There is so much information online these days that searching for something can be overwhelming. New travelers, I’ve got you […]

foreign money

10 Gifts Every Female Traveler Wants

Let’s face it, ladies: There are some awesome travel-inspired gadgets out there that we just can’t wait to get our […]

Gifts for female travelers

What to Pack: Rain Jacket or Umbrella

There are many decisions to make while packing for a trip, and for many destinations, one of those is whether […]

Rain Jacket v Umbrella

The Best Travel Hair Dryer

Update 2017: The Best Travel Hair Products – hair dryer, hair straightener, curling iron, dry shampoo – find it all […]

Best Travel Hair Dryer