Packing List for 10 Days in Ecuador

Packing time! You guys know I love packing and sharing my packing lists with you. You also know I sometimes go on back-to-back trips that include lots of varied destinations, and I still manage to fit it all in a carry-on.

This time I was heading out for two and a half weeks: 7 days touring Northern California in an RV with my mom and 82-year-old-grandmother, and then straight from there heading to Ecuador for 10 days on an adventure travel trip.

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Ecuador Adventure Activities

On this trip I would be doing the following:

  • Hiking (at very high and low altitudes)
  • Wine tasting
  • Camping
  • White-water rafting
  • Jungle trekking
  • Horse-back riding
  • Bird-watching
  • Hot springing
  • Attending a press conference (where I would meet the Minister of Tourism for Ecuador)

Ecuador Packing List

I mention this to show the variety of activities I had to be prepared for, which meant a variety of clothing and gear. Here is what I brought, starting (as always) with the gadgets (non-clothing items):

Packing List for Ecuador

Before we go on, here are the things I did NOT use out of the above items: travel hair dryer (I actually took it out of my bag and didn’t bring), binoculars, travel towel, collapsible water bottle.

Travel clothes for Ecuador

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Here are the clothes I brought:

  • Rain jacket
  • Zip-up light-weight fleece
  • Merino wool long-sleeved shirt
  • Lightweight active top (Carve Designs)
  • My go-to travel scarf (you all know it from photos)
  • Black maxi dress (rolled up)
  • Socks, underwear, bras (in the green stuff pouch)
  • 4 Tank tops – one running top, two simple cotton, one cami for layering
  • 4 Long-sleeved shirts – simple cotton
  • 4 T-shirts – unbranded (plain cotton)
  • 2 Running skirts (from
  • 1 pair of skinny jeans
  • 1 long pair of black leggings
  • 1 capri length black leggings
  • 1 bikini (Carve Designs)

What didn’t I use? Hardly any of the long-sleeved t-shirts. What I should have brought instead are activewear, light-weight tops similar to the yellow one, which I wore constantly over tank tops. It was great for protection against bugs and sun in the humid temps.

Not pictured are my socks – I brought just three pairs: two running socks and one mid-calf, appropriate for rubber jungle boots (brilliant).

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My Mistake with the Luggage Choice

For luggage, I chose a strange combination this time and I’ll be the first to admit it. I did not bring my backpack, I actually brought a suitcase on this trip.

Since I was also bringing my laptop, I brought a carry-on bag with a laptop sleeve and plenty of space as well. The suitcase worked out just fine (I prefer to have a suitcase if my bag is going to be transported for me, as it was in Ecuador), but I should have brought my REI Traverse instead of the carry-on bag.

It would have been more comfortable to carry with all the weight I put in it. However, I still had a backpack to use (don’t forget the stuff-able day pack) which I did use constantly. I appreciated having this, because I could easily stow it and pull it out when I needed it, without having to unpack or repack any items (as I would if it were my carry-on).

What did I wear on the plane? Slip on shoes (easy on-off), super comfortable skinny jeans (no pockets, no belt – easy for security), a tank top and a lightweight top for versatility. Hair down and ready for adventure.

Packing for Ecuador

Questions? Hit me up in the comments. Happy travels!!

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3 replies on “Packing List for 10 Days in Ecuador”

Hi Mariah! I’d prepare big time for bugs. Bring spray with Deet (or wipes to get through security if you’re packing carry on), and bring super lightweight long sleeved shirts to protect yourself. Also, lightweight pants in the jungle are a must. Safe and happy travels to you!

what are your non-toms?! I LOVE my toms for their low profile- go with anything-ness. I hesitate to travel with them as they aren’t the most comfortable for all day walking. I’ve seen you recommend the sketchers, but I don’t like the style as much as the toms. I would love to hear about you new shoe! haha

Ha! Hi Sarah! They are actually from Target and I’m in love with them. I’ve never tried Toms before, so I had no idea what to expect, but so far they are completely outweighing what I love about the Skechers (I know, I’m cheating on them). Since they are from Target I wonder about the quality and how long they will last, but they were only $20 and I haven’t had any issues after wearing them just about every day since I got them a few months ago. So far so great!

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