BMT 62: Pack Light and Carry On for Males! Featuring Travis Sherry, Jason Moore, and Nathaniel Boyle

The boys are back! In episode 34, we visited my favorite packing tricks and techniques, but as much as I try to accommodate men, it’s best to get advice for males straight from expert male travelers themselves.

In today’s bonus episode I cornered (again) Travis Sherry from Extra Pack of Peanuts, Jason Moore from Zero to Travel, and Nathaniel Boyle from The Travelers (The Daily Travel Podcast) and got them to talk about their favorite ways to pack, what they can’t leave home without, and the tricks they use to carry everything on.

Travis Sherry
Jason Moore
Nathaniel Boyle

Meet the Guys

Travis Sherry from Extra Pack of Peanuts

Jason Moore from Zero to Travel

Nathaniel Boyle from The Travelers (previously The Daily Travel Podcast)

Episode 62 Show Notes

Recommended packs: Osprey Farpoint, Tortuga Packs

The guys say:

  • Minimalism is key – try to use dual-purpose items
  • Packing cubes are lifesavers
  • Over the shoulder bags with garment bags in them are good (like the ones from Tortuga)
  • Three types of shoe rule – sandals, loafers, sneakers
  • Platypus water bottles because they squish
  • Bandanas are like the male scarf – multi-purposeful
  • J Crew work shirts

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