BMT 025: The Quest for Dual Citizenship: A Conversation with Perpetual Traveler Taylor White

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When wanderlust just never leaves you alone, you end up like perpetual traveler Taylor White, who bounces around Latin America on a quest for dual citizenship. Taylor White is the host of the Overseas Property Insider Podcast, an iTunes top-ranked podcast about all things accommodations overseas.

In this episode, Taylor shares what this lifestyle has looked like for him, how he sustains his income on the road and gives great advice about overseas real estate, budgeting, and making travel happen. There is so much good stuff packed into this episode, grab a glass of wine, sit back and let us take you on a little journey!

About Taylor

Taylor White grew up in sunny San Diego California with an amazing hardworking entrepreneurial father, a dedicated elementary school teaching mother, and two extremely successful sisters. At the age of 19, he decided to drop out of his private university, try his hand at several businesses, and then finally found his calling in real estate after reading the likes of Robert Allen and Robert Kiyosaki and attending conferences all over the World meeting like-minded go-getters.

At the age of 27, he finally made the full-time leap overseas, establishing a home base in Panama City, Panama, seeking second citizenship in the Dominican Republic, and investing in real estate in a few select countries.

He is on a mission to get more out of life than a storage unit full of things or the next cool gadget. When he’s not calling “for sale” signs or boarding a plane to his next locale, you can find him sipping a local adult beverage, with a hand-rolled cigar, meeting a few new friends.

Episode 25 Show Notes

What you will hear in this episode:

A little bit of everything? This is one of those conversations that flow with one interesting topic after the next. We get to know Taylor a bit and where he comes from including how he originally decided to bite the bullet and “move” to Panama.

We talk about his quest for dual citizenship and why it’s important to him, we get into budgeting for travel, getting your priorities straight, taking control of your finances, minimalism, and lifestyle design, among other things! Like Panama, the Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Argentina… oh and Taylor’s expertise – international real estate.

The first step is listening, how it will influence your life is up to you!

Links and resources mentioned in this episode:

Thanks to Taylor White

A special thanks again to Taylor White for having one of those coffee shop conversations with me about travel! I enjoyed it and am grateful to be able to share such great information, inspiration, and advice with my listeners. Thanks, Taylor!

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3 replies on “BMT 025: The Quest for Dual Citizenship: A Conversation with Perpetual Traveler Taylor White”

Thank you Jackie and Taylor for this awesome episode. I love all your podcast episodes so far as each one presents great experiences and advise that I can note on. My hub and I are recent college graduates. We have always day dreamed about travelling as we’ve been students for sooooo long and just flowed into a full time job. We would always say “someday we will go here” or “someday we will experience this” until one day it hit me that now is the perfect time as we have minimal responsibilities, commitment, and financial obligations. So we are planning on a few gap months in South East Asia. That being said, we are new independent travelers (as in we don’t have parents holding our hands and funding the trips for us) so episodes like this are both fun to listen and informative as they go over many topics. And of course, inspiring as people like you guys prove that travelling is not.. what most people perceive “expensive luxury”, but a lifestyle choice and just takes a matter of prioritizing and planning to make it work.

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